coronavirus vaccine by indian scientist
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Coronavirus Vaccine By Indian Scientist May Give A Ray Of Hope

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic painting a frightening picture across the world, the University of Hyderabad (UoH) scientist is bringing a ray of hope. A faculty member of the biochemistry department has possibly done a breakthrough for the country and the world by developing a potential vaccine against the deadly coronavirus.

Dr. Seema Mishra of UoH has developed potential vaccine candidates called T cell epitopes against all the non-structural and structural proteins of SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Seema Mishra, Image Credits: UoH Herald

These potential vaccine candidates are peptides of coronavirus that can trigger an immune response in the human body to kill those cells harboring the virus. Dr. Seema has designed these vaccines using the immunoinformatics approach with computational software in such a way that it can be used to vaccinate the entire population.

The powerful computational techniques helped Dr.Seema to develop the potential vaccines in just 10 days, which otherwise takes 1.5 years to discover.

Based on the effectiveness to trigger an immune response, the coronavirus vaccines have been assigned ranks. The immune response will be specific to viral proteins and not to human proteins, as these

coronaviral epitopes pose no reactivity to human cells. The viral peptides have no matches in the human protein pool. However, in order to confirm this, the results have to be tested experimentally.

Using the ChemRxiv preprint platform, the results have been made accessible to the scientific community for immediate experimental assays. As a further investigation is needed on the potential candidates, vaccination will take some time and as of now, social distancing remains the best defense against Covid-19 infections, states UoH.

The statement said, “We are hopeful that our computational findings will provide a cost-and-time-effective framework for rapid experimental trials towards an effective nCoV vaccine.”

To establish the findings conclusively, in vitro studies are required, clarified UoH.

This is the first time Indian scientists are exploring the whole coronaviral proteome across non-structural and structural viral proteins to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

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  1. Great… congratulations…the whole universe will be grateful to her.. looking forward to it.. keep it up

  2. I m happy to read this but it is always a question when will it be launched for people? How long will it take to be in real use? It is a question of one and all .
    Thank u

  3. great achievment indian the best in the world
    congrats DR. SEEMA MISHRA

  4. You are the best in the world. there is someone to save us
    congrats DR. SEEMA MISHRA

  5. You are the best in the world. there is someone to save us
    this universe and surly this human world, feeling great

  6. Congrats ! It’s something what entire world is looking at. Wish early development of the vaccine for the welfare of mankind.

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