coronavirus will infect 70% humanity
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Coronavirus Will Infect 70% Humanity Within A Year – Harvard Scientist

Marc Lipsitch, a Harvard University epidemiologist predicted that coronavirus would not be containable and will infect 40 to 70% of the human population within a year. But there is nothing to worry much.

Lipsitch clarified that many of those infected won’t have severe illnesses or symptoms. Many people who have tested positive currently do not have severe illnesses or symptoms.

And this is the major reason why Lipsitch thinks the virus cannot be contained. The viruses like avian flu, MERS and SARS were eventually stopped because of their severe symptoms and much more fatality rate.

To simplify, someone who is infected with SARS is not likely to go out. But as the new coronavirus Covid-19 is asymptomatic, there is a high chance that infected people, unaware of their infection will go about their day as normal. And it will become difficult to tra

ce and prevent the infection. Covid-19 is more like flu which can be deadly but often passes even without the patient seeking medical care.

Lipsitch is not the only one who made such a prediction. Many scientists are expecting that the outbreak will eventually turn into a new seasonal disease. A time might come when the “cold and flu season” will turn into “cold and flu and COVID-19 season.”

As of now, Covid-19 has killed 2,704 people around the world and infected more than 80,000. Apart from China, countries like South Korea and Italy have reported an outbreak of coronavirus. Iran has confirmed 15 deaths due to coronavirus till now.

On Monday, the World Health Organization warned that the world is not ready for a major outbreak yet. Despite China’s aggressive efforts to contain the epidemic, coronavirus infection is gradually spreading across the globe. The virus outbreak has begun threatening the West Asian countries


Editor’s Note: Coronavirus will infect 40-70% humanity within a year, prediction by Harvard University scientist.


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