ICMR SRF-RA Fellowship 2020
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ICMR SRF-RA Fellowship 2020 Proposal Submission Open

ICMR SRF-RA Fellowship 2020 Proposal Submission Open. Check out all of the details on the ICMR SRF/RA Fellowship Proposal Submission with regards to about the program, eligibility, qualifications, application procedure, important dates and links below. Interested applicants with an msc life sciences background can consider applying for the same:

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The Indian Council of Medical Research awards the following categories of fellowships to young scientists to enable them to carry out research in the field of Biomedical Sciences at the permanent Institutes of the Council, other Biomedical Research Institutes, Medical Colleges and Universities in India where adequate laboratories and other facilities to carry out research are available:

1. Research Associates
2. Senior Research Fellowships



3.1) M.Sc. (Life Sciences), MA (Social Sciences), Master in Medical Social Work (MSW) degree holders with two years research experience.

3.2) MBBS/BDS/MVSc./M.Pharm/M.E./M.Tech degree holders.


3.3) Doctorate degree in Medicine namely M.D/MDS or PhD in any field.


I. The Research experience mentioned above includes experience as a research worker in any Institution supported by a certificate by the Head of the Institution

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Contingent Grant:

i) RA: Rs.20,000/- per annum

ii) SRF: Rs.20,000/- per annum

Upper Age Limit:

i) Senior Research Fellowship – 35 years

ii) Research Associateship – 40 years (Relaxed upper age limit by two years in
case of woman candidates).  (Order No.16/99/2000-Admn.II dt. 7.2.2001)


The maximum tenure for all the fellowships will be three years, subject to annual review of work done. The tenure may be extended by the Council only in exceptionally deserving cases. The fellowship can be terminated at any time on a month’s notice if the progress of work is not satisfactory or on receipt of an adverse report from the Guide. The fellowship can be terminated forthwith if the particulars given in the application form for the fellowship are found to be incorrect or false. The Council also reserves the right to terminate fellowship forthwith without assigning any reason. In the event of his/her leaving before completing one year, he/she may be required to refund the stipend drawn by him/her from the date of joining to the date of leaving the fellowship.


Applications for the fellowships are invited by advertisement in ICMR website.

The following conditions are required to be fulfilled:

2.1.1 The applications should be submitted online by Fellow with permission of the Guide and the Head of the Institute where the candidate proposes to work. If employed, a certificate from his employer to accept the fellowship should be submitted.

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2.1.2 The candidate should not draw any stipend or salary or be in receipt of any other type of financial assistance except leave salary during the fellowship. A certificate to this effect should be furnished by the candidate.

2.1.3 A detailed plan of work, for a specific time bound research project on which research is proposed to be carried out during the fellowship is required to be submitted with the application. The problem proposed to be studied should be well defined. It should relate to a particular aspect of a problem and not be of a general nature and should be capable of completion within the fellowship period. Preference will be given to a problem of national health importance. The plan of work should be prepared, as defined in the application form. A statistician should be consulted for the preparation of the plan of work, where considered necessary. The Guide under whose guidance the work will be carried out should certify that the research plan has been prepared in consultation with him/her and in consultation with a Statistician where considered necessary and that he/she examined the scheme and approves the plan of work and that he/she is willing to guide and direct the research work proposed therein.

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2.1.4 All projects involving human beings must be cleared by Ethical Committee of their Institutes.

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