ICGEB Research Grants 2020
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ICGEB Research Grants 2020, Eligibility, Deadline & Application Details

ICGEB Research Grants 2020, Eligibility, Deadline & Application Details. ICGEB Research Grants – 2020 Details. CRP-ICGEB Research Grants 2020 & CRP-ICGEB Early Career Return Grants details are given below:

This call expires in :

30Days 08Hours 08Minutes 37Seconds



The ICGEB Research Grant is part of the Collaborative Research Programme (CRP) of ICGEB and is a dedicated source of funding aimed at financing projects that address scientific problems of particular relevance for the host country.

The programme was established in 1988 with the aim of:

  • stimulating collaborative research between the ICGEB Member States and with the ICGEB Component laboratories
  • promoting the training of young scientists
  • facilitating the creation of appropriate research facilities

The programme provides support for original research projects in basic life sciences, human healthcare, industrial and agricultural biotechnology, and bioenergy.


Applicants for CRP – ICGEB Research Grant proposals should hold positions at Universities or Research Institutes in any of the Member States listed in Annex A.

Active collaboration with ICGEB Research Groups is welcome but is not mandatory.

Investigating groups are not eligible to submit applications:

  • if previously awarded projects have not been evaluated and satisfactorily concluded;
  • if the University or Research Institute of the Principal Investigator is based in Italy.
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A special category of CRP-ICGEB Early Career Return Grants is intended to fund young researchers (not over 40 years old at the time of application) with an outstanding track record, who have spent a minimum of 2 years abroad and have recently returned to an ICGEB Member State to establish their own independent laboratories.

Applicants for Early Career Return Grants should have taken up, or be about to take up, a position as an Independent Investigator in an ICGEB Member State (except Italy). Applicants who have been in the country for more than two years prior to the deadline for submission are not eligible to apply for Early Career Return Grants.

The application form for Early Career Return Grants is the same as that for the standard research grants. Applicants for an Early Career Return Grant are however requested to indicate on page 2 of the enclosed form that they are applying for this type of grant.


Grants are awarded to contribute to the implementation of outstanding scientific research projects. An important element of successful applications is the feasibility of the proposed project within the designated time-frame (maximum 36 months). The maximum annual contribution from ICGEB is Euro 25,000.

Funds can only be used to cover expenditures that are directly relevant to the project. This may include purchasing consumable items, scientific literature and basic standard laboratory equipment. Travel and training costs can also be covered.

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Salaries of the Principal Investigators and infrastructural support (e.g., normal administrative and overhead expenses of the Institution, maintenance and rental of capital equipment, building, etc.) are not admissible and cannot be funded.

An estimate of the foreseen expenditure must be described on page 10 of the application form.


Principal Investigators must submit their completed applications by email as a single pdf file BOTH to the ICGEB Liaison Officer (see Form A for name and full contact details) for endorsement*, AND AT THE SAME TIME to ICGEB ([email protected]).

Please note that Principal Investigators are responsible for the correct submission of their proposal to the Liaison Officer.
ICGEB is not responsible for failed submissions/undelivered messages.

Each country may endorse a maximum of three (3) project proposals for standard research grant applications, plus two (2) additional Early Career Return Grant applications. Liaison Officers will inform ICGEB and the applicants which proposals they have endorsed for the present call. Liaison Officers will also inform the unendorsed applicants.

The deadlines for submission of the applications are as follows:

30 April 2020 (23:59 GMT): Deadline for submission by e-mail of the completed application forms (as a pdf file) to the ICGEB Liaison Officers for endorsement AND with a copy sent to ICGEB.

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31 May 2020: Liaison Officers will communicate his/her endorsements to ICGEB and to the applicant.

*NOTE: Applicants that do not receive the necessary endorsement from their national Liaison Officers WILL NOT be considered for funding

ICGEB will only acknowledge receipt of the endorsed applications. These applicants will be provided with a reference number for their proposal within one month of the deadline of 31 May 2020.

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