ICAR PDF Fellowships 2020
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ICAR PDF Fellowships 2020 – Rs. 75,000/- pm + Rs 2 Lakh Grant

ICAR PDF Fellowships 2020. ICAR Post- Doctoral Fellowship (ICAR-PDF) Scheme at IARI, New Delhi for 2019-20. Interested and eligible candidates are requested to check out all of the details regarding the guidelines, the objectives, the eligbility criteria, mode of application, selection and more on the ICAR PDF Fellowships 2019-2020 below:

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Guidelines for ICAR Post- Doctoral Fellowship (ICAR-PDF)

Guidelines for ICAR Post- Doctoral Fellowship (ICAR-PDF) The ICAR Post- Doctoral Fellowship (ICAR-PDF) is a new programme approved under the ongoing’Strengthening and Development of Higher Agricultural Education in India’ Scheme of Agricultural Education Division (ICAR) to encourage both the bright and talented researchers to pursue Post- Doctoral programme to build capacity in frontier areas of national interest in Agriculture and Allied Sciences.

1. Aims

1.1 Identify and encourage motivated young researchers for conducting research in frontier areas of agriculture and allied sciences to build the national capacity.

1.2 Provide them with a platform to develop as an independent researcher capable of initiating a new programme in nationally important priority areas under the supervision of a mentor.

2. Number of Fellowships

Ten annually for ICAR-IARI Pusa, New Delhi and five each annually for ICAR-IVRI Izatnagar, ICAR-NDRI Karnal & ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai respectively.

3. Qualification Criteria

3.1 The applicant must be an Indian citizen.

3.2 The candidate should have obtained a PhD degree (with course work) from a recognized University and ought to be working (in-service) in an institution under ICAR-AU System.

3.3 He/she must have finished minimum 3 years of services (such as clearance of probation) in a regular capacity as a Scientist or equal in ICAR-AUs system working in any field of Teaching/Research/Extension.

3.4 The upper age limit for the fellowship is 40 years on the last date of submission of application. Age relaxation of five years will be awarded to applicants belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Physically Challenged and Women candidates.

3.5 ICAR-PDF could be availed only once by a candidate in their own career.

3.6 The selected fellows aren’t permitted to work with their PhD guides/Co-guides.

3.7 Mentor should hold a regular academic/research position in concerned ICAR-DU with a PhD degree and must be a faculty member.

3.8 The mentor should have a minimum of 10 years of service experience in the appropriate field of work together with the experience of guiding a minimum of two Ph. D. students.

3.9 A Mentor will not have over two ICAR-PDF fellows at any given time.

3.10 The candidates of ICAR-DUs aren’t qualified to apply for Post-Doctoral Fellowship in precisely the exact same ICAR-DU.

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4. Mode of Application & Selection

4.1 The application shall be invited by the concerned ICAR-DU once in a calendar year.
4.2 The host institutes shall identify the research areas, mentors and labs in which the PDF will get the job done. The thrust areas for research are needed to be notified at the time of advertising the PDF slots.
4.3 The candidate will highlight the objectives, outline of their proposed research work and its utility to the parent Institute.
4.4 Together with the application, the candidates should furnish a letter of approval of the research plan from the mentor such as a declaration regarding the availability of adequate infrastructural facilities and equipment to execute the work plan. The work plan ought to be endorsed by the respective Director of ICAR Institute/Vice-Chancellor of Agricultural University under the ICAR-AU system.
4.5 Each Mentor provides a maximum of two consent letters for each cycle/calendar year. 4.6 The selection will be based on screening and recommendations by a Selection Committee comprising of the following:

i. Director of the concerned ICAR-DU Chairman
ii. Joint Director Research or
equivalent of the concerned DU
iii. DDG (Agril. Edn.) or his representative Member
iv. Two Subject Matter Specialists (not below the rank of Prof./ Prin. Sci.) from outside the host institute Member
v. Joint Director (Academic) or equivalent Member Secretary


4.7 The candidates will be evaluated according to the parameters/weighted scale by taking into account the relevance of this region of study, the proposed research plan, academic records, achievements and their past work experience. The candidates will be called for personal interview/presentation of the research plan by the Selection Committee.
4.8 Once chosen, the candidate should register for the programme according to the schedule, time and date intimated by the respective ICAR- DU. In the event of a delay, the offer will probably get terminated automatically and no separate communication towards cancellation will be issued. At the time of joining he/she must provide an undertaking in accordance with the format at Appendix-1.
4.9 During the programme, the awardees won’t hold any other responsibility/ post/position/work and will need to devote their full time for the proposed research work.

5. Nature & Duration of Support

5.1 The fellowship is only a temporary assignment and is tenable for a period of one year. 5.2 The host institution must provide necessary administrative, infrastructural and lab facility support to the awardees. In the event, appropriate accommodation isn’t available at the host institution, awardees will need to make their own arrangements in this regard.

6. Amount and terms of Fellowship

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6.1 The fellows will be entitled to receive the grants through concerned ICAR-DUs as under:

Budget Head Amount
Fellowship Rs. 75,000/- per month (consolidated)
Research Grant Rs. 2,00,000/-


6.2 The fellowship amount (Rs.75,000/- p.m. consolidated) will be over and above the salary amount received by the awardees and the amount would be taxable according to the Govt. of India rules.
6.3 The research grant may be used for the purchase of minor equipment, consumables, contingencies and domestic travel. There’s no provision for providing contractual manpower (RA/SRF/YP) support under this scheme. The expenditure on purchases of small equipment, consumables, contingencies and domestic travel, shall be incurred after following codal formalities and within the ambit of applicable rules.
6.4 The fellowship together with a research grant is going to be released in two instalments.
6.5 The fellows aren’t eligible to receive any additional fellowship from any Government or Non-Governmental source during the tenure of this fellowship.
6.6 The fellow must serve the sponsoring institution at least for a year following completion of PDF and also to this effect he/she must execute a bond (specimen of the bond at Appendix-2) compulsorily at the time of joining in the DU.

7. Leave Rules

7.1 ICAR-PDFs will be entitled to avail leave according to GOI rules of the host institution. Participation in Scientific Conferences/ Seminars/Symposia/Workshops will be treated as on duty.
7.2 Maternity leave According to the Govt. Of India, instructions issued from time to time will be available to female applicants of categories. Fellowship wouldn’t be admissible during the leave period if the duration of leave exceeds three months.
7.3 The fellow should seek the consent of host ICAR-DU and can avail leave of the kind due if he/she plans to be away from the institute/University (except for fieldwork regarding the project and Scientific Conferences/ Seminars/Symposia/Workshops).

8. Termination of this Fellowship

8.1 If any fellow wishes to terminate the fellowship, he will inform the ICAR throughout the mentor and host institute immediately. The implementing institute shouldn’t incur any expenditure from the date of conclusion of the project or the date of resignation of the Post -Doctoral Fellow.
8.2 ICAR reserves the right to terminate the Fellowship at any stage if it’s convinced that satisfactory progress isn’t being made by the awardees or the grant hasn’t yet been utilized properly.
8.3 If the fellow leaves within a month of joining, the position can be filled from the panel of waitlisted candidates.

9. Project Monitoring

9.1 The progress of the ICAR PDF vis-à-vis projections made and targets set in the work plan of the approved projects will be quarterly reviewed by an Institute level Committee comprising Director of the ICAR-DU, concerned Head of the Department and Mentor of the ICAR-PDF.
9.2 Half-yearly progress of the project will be reviewed by precisely the exact same Selection Committee for ICAR-PDF. In the event of a satisfactory report, Council will release the 2nd instalment of grant.
9.3 The Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) of this ICAR-PDF shall be made by the Mentor as Reporting Officer and also be reviewed by the Director of the concerned Institute/concerned authority of this University.
9.4 The observations/comments of the Institute Committee of this ICAR-DU at which the progress of the work was presented could be invariably attached together with the APAR.  9.5 The ICAR-PDF will be expected to publish/communicate his/her research findings in a peer-reviewed journal having NAAS rating not less than 7.0. The proof of this ought to be submitted together with the final project report.
9.6 The progress of the ICAR-PDF project should invariably form part of the Annual Report of the Host Institute and final report of this project shall be uploaded on the Agricultural Education Portal.

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10. General

10.1 The ICAR-PDF is expected to protect the Intellectual Property Rights generated or Likely to be generated during his or her tenure. The Council will have the appropriate share On the patents/protections/knowledge generated according to the”ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/Commercialization” as amended from time to time. When the fellow enters into any other IP agreement, exactly the same Will be appropriately communicated to and shared with the Council. In all publications Arising out of this ICAR-PDF project, the support from the Council ought to be acknowledged.
10.2 For any clarification regarding the ICAR-Post Doctoral Fellowship, the Deputy Director-General, Agricultural Education, ICAR, New Delhi can be contacted.
10.3 The Director-General ICAR & Secretary DARE will be the final authority in resolving And accepting the decision on any situation/conflict and his decision will be binding on all parties concerned.
10.4 For any dispute, the applicable law will be the Indian law under the jurisdiction of Courts in Delhi only.

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