Free Insulin by Novo Nordisk

Free Insulin by Novo Nordisk – Free Insulin for Patients in immediate need
Novo offers a free one-time supply of insulin for U.S. patients

The lawmakers and regulators have been showing fierce criticism on the rising price of insulin and tackling this, the drugmaker, Novo Nordisk said that it would offer a one-time supply of insulin, free of cost, to people in immediate need and at risk of rationing the medication.

Novo said that patients with prescription can get a one-time supply of up to three vials or two packs of pens of its insulin, free of cost, after which, a longer-term solution from its other affordability offerings must be opted by them.

In September, following the moves of its rivals, Eli Lilly and Co and Sanofi SA, Novo said that the U.S. patients can buy three vials or two packs of pens of its analog insulins for $99.

In the United States, from 2012 to 2016, the cost of insulin for treating type 1 diabetes had nearly doubled, which lead to patients rationing the medication and putting their health at risk.

Following heavy criticism over the prices, last year, Sanofi said its cost of insulin products would be cut

down to $99 per month for some patients and Eli Lilly started selling a half-price version of its Humalog insulin

On Thursday, Novo also announced the launch of Novolog, a cheaper version of its heavily prescribed insulin drug.

Novo said, ” We know there could be instances when people need insulin immediately and are struggling to get it as they might be at the risk of rationing. The patients who are in this situation can visit or call us at 1.844.NOVO4ME (1.844.668.6463) so that we can check and verify if we can provide a one-time supply of two packs of pens or up to three vials of Novo Nordisk insulin for people who have a prescription. ”