DBT ‘Forest Biotechnology’

DBT ‘Forest Biotechnology’ – Call For Proposal 2020

DBT ‘Forest Biotechnology’ – Call For Proposal 2020. Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, Forest Biotechnology, Call for Proposals 2020. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

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Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science & Technology
Government of India

Call for proposals on ‘Forest Biotechnology’

Forests are the world’s greatest repository of terrestrial biomass, soil carbon and terrestrial
biodiversity. Besides, forests provide a variety of provisioning, supporting, regulatory and
cultural ecosystem services. Taking into consideration the multidimensional value of forest areas, particularly their important role in maintaining the flow of ecosystem goods as well as services, the Department is desirous of supporting R&D proposals on Forest Biotechnology concentrating on the following thrust areas:

  1. Development of biotechnological mitigation and adaptation strategies in forestry sector to meet the challenges of climate change.
  2. Cutting edge research using newer technologies like tree genomics for
    understanding of forest tree biology, development of tree diagnostics and planting material improvement for improved productivity and biodiversity of forested ecosystems.
  3. Development of seed handling and molecular marker-based seed testing/

    certification technologies for development of good quality seeds and planting
    materials for industrial forests
  4. Development of site specific technological packages for restoration and
    rehabilitation of degraded and fragile forest eco-systems.
  5. Development of technologies for measuring and maintaining ecosystem services from forests.
  6. Modelling and control of invasive species in protected areas using biotechnological approaches.

Mode of Submission: Interested researchers should send project proposals online through DBT electronic project management system ‘eProMis’ (http://dbtepromis.nic.in/Login.aspx) under the Programme ‘Forest Biotechnology’. 3 hard copies of the proposal (One original + 2 copies) must additionally be submitted by post to Dr Onkar N. Tiwari, Scientist ‘E’, Room No. 516, 5th Floor, Block-3, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi- 110003.

Evaluation Criteria: Proposals will be evaluated based upon the scientific and also technological merit, with focus placed on the potential of creating brand-new knowledge or developing techno economically feasible novel biotechnological solutions in the particular thrust location Department also reserves the right to select or turn down the proposals based on the priority as well as availability of funds.

Contact for further information: Dr. Onkar N. Tiwari, Scientist ‘E’, DBT, New Delhi.
( Email ID: [email protected]) or Dr. Amit K. Tripathi, Scientist ‘C’, DBT, New Delhi.
( Email ID: [email protected]); Tel.: +91-11-24361290.

Last Date for Project Submission: 29th February 2020. Extension of Last Date for project submission till 20.03.2020.

Eligibility: Researchers/ Scientists working in Government Organizations/ Universities/ Academic Institutions/ National Laboratories/ SIRO recognized Non-Profit Organizations, with sound scientific & technical backgrounds and also relevant publications in the proposed area can submit project proposal applications. Involvement of all pertinent stakeholders such as State Forest Departments etc. is compulsory. Proposals, which are interdisciplinary and also integrative in nature, will be given priority.


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