Biotech Incubation In West Bengal
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Biotech Incubation In West Bengal

The West Bengal State Government has decided to a dedicated bio incubation center so that start-ups in the sector can thrive. The government is in the pipeline to start this initiative to create an environment for developing the biotechnology industry in West Bengal.

India has a 3% share in the global biotech market, ranks third in the Asia Pacific region after Japan & China, and is the 12th largest biotechnology market internationally.

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Barun Kumar Ray, Secretary at the Biotechnology Department in the West Bengal Government, said that in the Biotech Incubation Centre, around 45,000 sq ft space would be available as an incubation and laboratory to promote startups and entrepreneurs. He was speaking to various stakeholders in a meeting organized by the CII.

The meeting was held to sensitize the potential start-ups, entrepreneurs, & investors for their biotechnology ventures at the facility

West Bengal is uniquely located to harness the potential of biotechnology due to its conducive climate, bio-diversity, geographic location, & availability of different crops and plants which can be utilized with the intervention of biotech for production of value-added products.

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