KTH India Scholarship 2020
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KTH India Scholarship 2020 – Official Notification

KTH India Scholarship 2020 – Official Notification. The KTH India Scholarship Foundation has announced the official release for the KTH India Scholarship 2020. Interested and eligible candidates can check out all of the details on the same below:

This call expires in :

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KTH India Scholarship Details

The KTH India Scholarship Foundation was established in 2012 through a donation made by an anonymous donor and awards two scholarships each year. The scholarship covers the tuition fee of a two year master’s programme and includes a monthly living allowance.

The KTH India Scholarship covers the tuition fee for the first and the second year, provided that the study results during the first year are satisfactory. The scholarship also includes a monthly living allowance during the academic year (10 months).

Requirements for KTH India Scholarship:

To be eligible for the scholarship you must be a fee-paying student and have applied for a master’s programme at KTH as your first priority. You must also be an Indian citizen who has completed your undergraduate programme in India. Students with conditional eligibility also qualify. The scholarship is not available for applicants to joint master’s programmes.

Selection process for KTH India Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded primarily on the basis of academic excellence. Only applicants who fulfil the admission requirements of the programme applied for are eligible for a scholarship. After the applicants have been assessed for admission, an assessment of applicants for the scholarship is made based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s grades (GPA or equivalent)
  • The ranking of the university that awarded the applicant’s bachelor’s degree
  • The recommendation of the director of the applied master’s programme at KTH
  • The applicant’s motivation, relevant work experience and extra-curricular activities
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Applicants from Mumbai Metropolitan Area and Pune will be prioritized according to the foundation’s statutes.

Application dates for studies starting in Autumn 2020

  • 1 December 2019: Application opens
  • 15 January 2020: Application deadline


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