CSIR June 2020 2021 Exam
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CSIR June 2021 Exam – Mission 2022 Exam Preparation Strategy

“Outstanding People Have One Thing In Common: An Absolute Sense Of Mission.” Zig Ziglar

Are you a life science enthusiast who wants to pursue your career in research or become a lecturer? Do you want to become a scientist like Francis Crick or Gregor Mendel?

If you are on a Mission to qualify CSIR June & Dec 2022 Exam? (Let’s call it Mission 2022), then you must go through this article

CSIR-NET exam is the stepping stone to your ambitions. CSIR UGC NET entrance exam is the most prestigious and recognized national level exam at present for any Ph.D. aspirant or for lectureship seeking individuals in the field of Life Science, Chemical Science & Other subjects. With the main ingredients being intense dedication and properly channelized guidance, clearing this exam also requires a pinch of passion, a positive attitude, and smart work.

CSIR NET Exam is indeed one of the toughest entrance exams in India. But you should also keep in mind that it’s the only gateway for you to earn a prestigious Ph.D. Degree. Taking the right guidance would get you qualified in the CSIR-NET examination in the first attempt.

To accomplish Your dream to crack CSIR NET Exam you should: 

  • Have a Goal. Why do you want to write the CSIR June 2022 Exam, and what do you want to do once you qualify?
  • Have a Strong Desire. To Crack the CSIR NET Exam at ANY cost The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.’
  • Have a Smart Strategy. Develop a personalized strategy according to your strengths and weaknesses
  • Build the Right Environment around you: Just having a goal, desire, and strategy is not enough. No plant can grow unless the right environment is provided.
  • Gain Knowledge. Acquire as much knowledge you can and prepare yourself for the CSIR-NET exam. 
  • Take Action. You have a goal, and you have a strong desire to achieve the goal, now let’s have a strategy and all the knowledge you need. It’s time to take some action now. Lights Camera Action!

Biotecnika brings you the Tips and Tricks to Crack CSIR June & Dec 2022 Exam – Mission 2022.
Are you ready to take up the CSIR NET- Mission 2022 challenge? To have your mission accomplished, follow the protocols given below!

  1. Self-Belief 

Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to a solution.”

David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big

How long have you been just dreaming of achieving your dreams? To achieve big, you need to think big, and most importantly, you need to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

You can clear any sort of exam, be it the toughest in the world, only if you believe in yourself. Without having self-belief, you will always have doubts about yourself, and you will assume yourself incapable of qualifying anything in life. Even if you have world-class training and assistance for the exam, you can be successful only if you believe YOU CAN. You can have your wings to your dreams, but only if you believe in yourself, you can fly.
Be confident and take a leap of faith, spread your wings, and fly high believing in yourself, and you can see yourself reaching heights automatically!

2. Syllabus

Before preparing for any examination, it is highly recommended to have a clear idea regarding  – the scope of the examination, Up to what extent qualifying the examination can contribute towards your higher academic achievements and eligibility. Post that, you should have a clear idea regarding the syllabus of the exam. This will help you plan a proper strategy as well as provide direction to your preparation for Crack CSIR June 2022 Exam. Getting yourself acquainted with the syllabus would surely increase the chances of you qualifying for the Exam.

CSIR-NET Life Science Syllabus / Important Topics & Reference Books

3. Understand exam pattern and weightage of the CSIR NET Exam-

Preparing for the CSIR NET exam is not an easy task, It’s an important decision for your career, and you must take up cautious decisions before starting your preparation. CSIR NET Exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country. How do you expect to qualify for this exam without understanding the exam pattern? Familiarizing yourself with the exam pattern, as well as the weightage of each unit, will help you develop an efficient study plan. It will also give you a fair idea about your strengths and weaknesses.

CSIR June 2020 Exam

4. Prepare study plan-

Once you are comfortable with the syllabus as well as the exam pattern, you should go ahead and plan your study. This may include- deciding if you want to join a coaching or you want to do self-study, preparing a timetable, preparing a standard list of books you’d refer to during the course of your study, time table, etc. It is said that well begun is half done.

5. CSIR coaching by Biotecnika-

Biotecnika has continuously supported life Science aspirants to achieve their potential. We provide online as well as offline coaching to help students crack the CSIR NET exam. Biotecnika has a success rate of over 90%. Biotecnika employs the biggest fleet of CSIR NET qualified Ph.D. and postdoc teachers who are well trained to handle the challenge of helping aspirants qualify CSIR NET exam, they have been training CSIR NET aspirants for over 12 years now, and their guidance has helped 10,000+ student qualify CSIR NET exam.

If you opt for Biotecnika’s CSIR NET Printed Study Materials, apart from receiving the Printed copy of Books directly at your doorstep, you will also have unlimited access to Online Study Material, which you can read on the go on your Mobile or Tablet. The services also include- Doubt Solving by email, 24×7 Chat support by experts at Biotecnika, Video zone access to all the classes conducted in Biotecnika all across India. The method of teaching that we follow is not just in black and white. The curriculum includes a wide range of colorful animations, a series of PowerPoint presentations and textual and visual notes, concept review assessments, and unit tests.

CSIR NET Mission 2022 Batch Starts: 4th Feb 2022

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6. Online study portal

Biotecnika’s Online Study Portal is one of its Unique Offering to CSIR NET aspirants. It features online study material, class lecture videos, video lectures, and animations by our experts and, most importantly, test series. Gone are the days of old-school teaching methodology wherein the teacher dictates and students take notes. In this fast-moving world, we need to go ahead with the same speed or else be ready to stumble upon. Thus Biotecnika offers this unique feature of video backup of all the classes taken. This will make you understand the topic better.

7. Proper competitive study material:

CSIR NET Exam has an ocean of topics and has a vast syllabus. How can you cover all the topics effectively? Along with having the knowledge about the syllabus and study plan, the correct execution of this study plan is important. Here is where the study material comes into the picture. Of Course, there are a lot of books available online and offline for the CSIR NET Exam, but even in these books, the content available is vast, and mostly, it consists of general topics. The key here is to select the right study materials which will focus on all the areas necessary for the exam with easily understandable content. Biotecnika, being the master in qualifying the CSIR Exam, has specially made topic-wise study materials, written by the experts at Biotecnika for students to study efficiently and gain the required knowledge to excel in the exam. You could ask why to select Biotecnika’s study materials while there are many materials available already. Well, the answer to this can be seen by the number of CSIR qualifiers who have used our competitive study materials, which is one of the main reasons for being successful in the CSIR Exam. BioTecNika has specialized books like – CSIR NET Life Science Unit wise Flow Chart Book – Konceptika, CSIR NET Book with a list of all the tough questions that have been asked to date in CSIR NET Exam – ToughNET Question Bank, CSIR NET Memory Flash Cards – best for last-minute preparations.

8. Understanding basic concepts:

All the coaching, study materials, and efforts will be of no use if you are not strong in your basics. CSIR NET Exam is not your college-level exams where you are asked straight forward questions. So always start from the roots. The knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts in your concerned subject is the most basic requirement to qualify the exam. In this exam, there is an entire section having application-based questions(Part C), and answering these questions, majorly depends on your understanding of basic concepts. Ensure you are strong in your roots by thoroughly learning your subject’s basics. This will also benefit during your interviews after qualifying for the exam. To ace, this exam like a pro, start from scratch.

9. Prepare Notes

Each and every aspirant has different ways of learning and preparing for the exam. Who’s notes do you think you will understand the best? Yours, of course! You can understand the notes made by yourself the best because, for one, it’s you who’s preparing the notes and you will make them in a unique way according to your understanding of the topic and secondly, by manually preparing the notes, you are writing down or typing along with orally reading, which makes it impossible to forget and keeps everything ready at one click in your mind. It will surely take time to prepare notes, but what comes without hard work? Along with hard work, you have to do smart work by making use of all the available sources and prepare quick and easy notes which suit you the best and helps you to remember everything that you learn.

10. 24 hr doubt clearance By Experts at BioTecNika

Didn’t you already have so many questions popping up in your head while reading this article? It is natural to have doubts, and it is good to be curious. But here if you are hesitant to clear your doubts and sulk with them life you did in college, it is not going to help you. To make things easier and comfortable for you, Biotecnika has a 24 hours doubt clearance system, and by 24 hours, we really mean all of the 1440 minutes in a day, where we have our teachers available to immediately respond to your query and solve your doubts then and there. Isn’t that great? You don’t just have your google search to clear your doubts; you will have live teachers to solve your doubts until you understand them clearly.

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11. Watching video tutorials specially designed for csir

Let’s be honest. We all get tired of reading over and over again, and we become exhausted. It is a phase in all exam preparations. But how can you overcome this and not give a chance for you to get exhausted with the many books you have to learn from? The video comes to the rescue! Don’t we all love watching videos? We sure do. Any topic you find hard to understand while reading, can be easily understood by listening to the explanation in a video or by looking at animations of the content. That is why we have many videos specially designed for the CSIR June 2022 Exam, which makes the process of learning much easier and also helps you cover a topic in less time. Along with having video lectures of teachers teaching the main topics, you can also have access to videos, specifically covering important or hard topics in an easily understandable manner at Biotecnika. Our videos can make your tough exam preparation easy, peasy lemon squeezy! 

CSIR NET Koncept Wheel Book

12. Don’t waste unnecessary time on Social Media:

Being on social media by reading quick updates on Twitter, scrolling through pictures on Instagram, checking notifications on Facebook, Snapchat, etc., it has now become a  part of everyday life. But if you don’t control how much time you spend on it, the hours will fly by, and you won’t have accomplished anything on your to-do list. Don’t consider it as “taking a break” because you actually end up taking a break for the whole day if you do not limit your social media usage. Ever wondered why you get tired even though you do not do anything but just scroll through your phone? It’s because using your phone to scroll through social media is actually draining your energy. Instead of making you feel relaxed after taking a break, it makes you less active. Having control over your daily routine, including the time you spend on social media, will keep you focused and more active to prepare for the exam.

13. Occasional Group Study

There is a reason why large projects are assigned to teams and not to individuals. A team of people balances the strengths and weaknesses of the team members. The same applies to group study. There could be students good at some topics you are weak at. They could help you study those topics and vice versa. Practicing question papers in a group helps you to solve all the questions as well as understand them. But don’t overdo it. And don’t waste your precious time discussing unnecessary things in a group study. Group study can be done occasionally, dedicating most of the time for individual study.

14. Revision

As you approach the CSIR June 2022-23 Exam, your thoughts should turn to revision. You might have been preparing for the exam for a long time, and it’s quite possible that you have forgotten many concepts you covered in the beginning. Revision helps you to remember those concepts and boost your confidence. Without efficient and proper revision, you may fail to recollect what you have studied in the examination. Make a revision plan that includes all the topics that need to be covered before the exam. The notes you prepared during your coaching will help you in revision. If possible, make notes on important concepts during the revision. That will help you in your last minute revision before the exam.

15. Practice general aptitude questions

Part A covers general aptitude questions are as important as Part B and Part C. They are easy to score; hence you need to spend some time practicing these questions also. You can get such questions with answers from Biotecnika study material, previous year question papers as well as from the web. As you practice more and more general aptitude questions, you will develop the skill and speed to crack Part A.

CSIR June 2020 Exam

16. Practice previous year question papers

You must have covered and revised all the topics by now. But that’s not enough. Practicing previous year question papers play an important role in preparation for CSIR June 2022 Exam. It familiarizes you with the pattern of the question paper and gives you a fair idea about the time taken to solve the entire question paper. You can test your level of preparation and increase the speed and accuracy through extensive practice of questions. Practicing previous years’ question papers will enhance your problem-solving skills and boost your confidence. Last but not least, there is a fair chance of repeating similar questions from previous years’.

Previous 10 Years Questions Papers For CSIR NET Life Sciences

17. Discover your strength and weakness

While practicing the previous years’ question papers, you might have identified the topics or parts you are strong at as well as you are weak at. For example, you might be good at cell biology and weak in genetics. Similarly, you might have found the questions from Part C easier compared to Part B. This understanding of your skills, strengths, and weaknesses is important as that would help you tackle time management.

18. Learn time management

You must be familiar with the pattern of the CSIR-NET question paper by now. Part A, B, and C will have 20, 40, and 75 questions wherein candidates have to attempt a maximum of 15, 35, and 25 questions, respectively. It’s difficult and time-consuming to read through all the questions and decide which one you want to attempt. Here you need to have a solid time management plan so that you can attempt 75 questions in three hours. You can plan your time management according to your strengths and weaknesses. It would be better if you solve Part A questions during the first 20 minutes and then move to your subject questions. You can choose between Part B and Part C based on your strengths. But do keep in mind that Part C requires more time to read and answer compared to Part B and plan accordingly.

19. Take Care Of Your Health

Because Health is Wealth! How much ever cliche it sounds, if you are not healthy, you lose half the battle. And we are not just talking here about your physical health. Mental health is as crucial as physical health.  As much as your strategy and hard work matters to crack this exam, having the correct mindset and thought process gives you an extra edge over lakhs of other aspirants. Eat healthy food, manage to get a sufficient amount of sleep, exercise regularly, and, most importantly, surround yourself with positive people. This will help you stay focused on your goal. Practicing mindfulness to bring one’s attention to present experiences can increase self-awareness and concentration. One of the best ways to be more mindful is by taking short breaks to meditate.

20. Don’t freak out! Stress Less.

When the date of the CSIR June 2022 Exam approaches, it’s quite normal that most of you are affected by stress. But it’s important to find ways to manage stress and eliminate the risk of burnout. Taking breaks in between your studies and engaging in fun activities during your revision days will help a lot to reduce the stress. Go out for a walk, swimming, or any physical activities when you are stressed out. Try not to compare other’s revision with yours. If your stress reaches a point where it is overwhelming, try to speak to someone who would be able to help you — getting enough sleep before the exam is as important as the revision. Have a good sleep and good food so that your brain can be at its best during the exam.

Only six months left for the exam, which has the potential to change your future. Follow the above-mentioned points, and no one will stop you from achieving success! So let’s begin the preparation for CSIR June 2022 Exam.

Follow BioTecNika’s 80/20 Rule, if you dedicate yourself and strictly follow these 20 tips, 80% of your mission is accomplished!

Always Remember- Don’t Stop When You’re Tired, Stop When You’re Done!

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Rahul Mishra is a Science enthusiast and eager to learn something new each day. He has a degree in Microbiology and has joined forces with Biotecnika in 2019 due to his passion for writing and science.


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