CSIR-NEIST Herbal Candles
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CSIR-NEIST Herbal Candles

Researchers from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research- North East Institute of Science & Technology, Jorhat have developed herbal candles with extracts of plants that possess mosquito repellent properties.

Mosquito repellents available for domestic purposes are mainly synthetic products and are not recommended for sustained use.

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Dr. Jatin Kalita, research planning & business development head, CSIR-NEIST, said commercially used mosquito repellants are synthetic pyrethroids, which are less harmful than commonly used insecticides. However, it may cause harm in case of prolonged usage.

The Herbal Candles may be useful for rural areas as rural populations commonly use wax candles as alternate light sources.

Therefore, an attempt was made by the scientists to prepare wax candles having mosquito repellent properties. Readily available non-toxic herbal sources have been used as ingredients of mosquito repellent.

The candle emits a distinct pleasant fragrance along with the light. Dr. Kalita added that the scent keeps mosquito out from the room & provides considerable protection from mosquitoes. It is an environment-friendly & economical product as the CSIR-NEIST Herbal Candles are made using naturally available materials.

Additionally, the CSIR-NEIST Herbal Candles can be used as an air freshener as it emits a pleasant fragrance. Mosquito repellent candle is ideal for a room of 10 feet by 15 feet to drive away mosquitoes.

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Earlier scientists from CSIR-NEIST had developed herbal incense sticks or agarbatti having mosquito repellent properties from indigenous plant materials. The manufacturing cost of the CSIR-NEIST incense stick is negligible when compared to mosquito repellent coils.

Recently the technology developed by the scientists for mosquito repellent herbal candles has been transferred to industry. Few Indian firms that have shown interest and bought the technology from CSIR-NEIST.

Dr. Kalita added that CSIR-NEIST Herbal Candles would soon be available for public use in the local Indian market.

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