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 Illumina collaborates with RGCB for Cancer Research

US-based Illumina, an organization that works in gene sequencing including genotyping and gene expression, gave its in-principle approval for collaborating with the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB). The collaboration will be for facilitating better genetic research and to provide new generation technologies for medical diagnosis.

An official from RGCB added that Illumina had positively responded to RGCB’s request, but they are yet to receive official intimation.

The official added that RGCB’s proposal towards Illumina was to launch an integrative research program on cancer genomics and pathology and clinical research.

According to the officer, the collaboration with Illumina will help carry out cancer research faster, accurately and cost-effectively. It s also said that it might also lead to meaningful advances in personalized medicine. Illumina’s technology and instruments are also being used in precision medicine technology which helps to envisage current and future health conditions of the human body by sequencing DNA and RNA. Precision medicine technology is based on making medicine unique to each individual taking into account their health and chemical balance of the body.

Illumina collaborates with RGCB
Kummanam visited Illumina Head Quarters at San Diego, California. Credits: Dailyhunt

 Illumina collaborates with RGCB- More Information

Meanwhile, it is learned that the collaboration will materialize after a meeting between BJP leader Kummanam Rajasekharan and Ryan Taft, vice-president, scientific research, Illumina at California. During the meeting, Mr. Kummanam conveyed his concern over the increasing rate of cancer in Kerala. He also handed over the ‘letter of intent’ from Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, an autonomous Institute of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India expressing interest in working with Illumina.

During the meeting, the organization briefed Rajasekharan about the research activities especially in cancer and population genomics. Owing to the high number of cancer cases in the state of Kerala, it expressed its willingness to collaborate with RGCB.

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