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ICMR Awards & Prizes- 2019 – Call for Nominations/Applications

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) invites Nominations/Applications from Indian scientists for ICMR Awards & Prizes for the year 2019 (list given below) in various fields of biomedical sciences. Last date of receipt of Nominations/Applications is 30th November, 2019

List of ICMR Awards/Prizes for the year 2019

  1. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Centenary Award for excellence in Biomedical Research (Biomedical Research)
  2. Dr. Subhas Mukherjee Award (Assisted Reproductive Technology, Reproductive Biology & Endocrinology and Reproductive Health in General)
  3. Basanti Devi Amir Chand Prize (Biomedical Sciences)
  4. Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize (Clinical Research) – Age below 40 years (Number of prizes – four)
  5. Amrut Mody Unichem Prize (Gastroenterology)
  6. Dr. H.B. Dingley Memorial Award (Paediatrics) – Age below 40 years.
  7. ICMR Kshanika Oration Award (Biomedical Sciences) – for Indian women scientists
  8. ICMR Prize for Biomedical Research for Scientists belonging to underprivileged communities (Biomedical Sciences)
  9. ICMR Prize for Biomedical Research conducted underdeveloped areas – (Biomedical Sciences)
  10. ICMR Tilak Venkoba Rao Award (Psychological Medicine) – Age below 40 years
  11. JALMA Trust Fund Oration Award (Leprosy and other mycobacterial diseases)
  12. Major General Saheb Singh Sokhey Award (Communicable Diseases) – Age below 40 years
  13. Smt. Kamal Satbir Award (Non-tuberculosis Chest Diseases, especially Respiratory Allergy and Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases) – Age below 40 years
  14. Dr. D.N. Prasad Memorial Oration Award (Pharmacology)
  15. Dr. J.B. Srivastav Oration Award (Virology)
  16. Dr. M.O.T. Iyengar Memorial Award (Malaria, Filariasis, Plague or Medical Entomology)
  17. Dr. Prem Nath Wahi Award (Basic and/or Clinical Cytology and/or Preventive Oncology)
  18. ICMR Chaturvedi Ghanshyam Das Jaigopal Memorial Award (Immunology)
  19. ICMR Chaturvedi Kalawati Jaghmohan Das Memorial Award (Cardiovascular Diseases) – Preferably a medical person
  20. ICMR Smt. Swaran Kanta Dingley Oration Award (Reproductive Biology)
  21. ICMR-CNMC STS Excellence Award (for medical undergraduate student who has been awarded ICMR STS) [For detailed information, please click here]

Important Notes:-

  1. If any information submitted above is found to be incorrect or that there has been suppression of any material information in the application form by the applicant and if it comes to our notice then the application is liable to be summarily rejected.
  2. Application received in the office after the due date, by whatever reason, is liable to be rejected.
  3. Kindly attach reprints of published research papers with each set of applications as per serial no. 9 & 12. Application must be properly tagged or spiral binding. Loose and incomplete application will be not entertained (for Award No. 1 to 20).
  4. Five (5) sets of complete applications should be submitted (for Award No. 1 to 20).
  5. Scientist can apply only for one award for the year 2019.

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Address for correspondence:

The Director General, [Kind Attention: Dr. N. C. Jain, Scientist-G & Head, Division of Human Resource Planning and Development (HRD)], Indian Council of Medical Research, V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, Ansari Nagar, Post Box No. – 4911, New Delhi-110029 Telephone: 011-26589258, email: [email protected]

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