HSCST Fellowship Program

HSCST Fellowship Program For Life Science Candidates

Indian Nationals who are from a Life Sciences and Chemical Sciences background can check out the details of the Haryana State Council for Science and Technology, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Haryana, Fellowship Program. All of the details are given below:

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Haryana State Council for Science and Technology
(Department of Science & Technology, Government of Haryana)
Bays No 35-38, Sector 2, Panchkula – 134109




The Haryana State Council for Science and Technology (HSCST) will award HSCST Fellowships to bright young men and women for training in methods of research under the expert guidance of faculty members /scientists working in University Departments/ National Laboratories and Institutes at Haryana in a variety of fields of Science & Technology and Medical Sciences.

The HSCST Fellowships are tenable in Universities/Post-Graduate Colleges/Government Research Establishments, R&D establishments of recognized public or private sector, industrial firms and other recognized institutions of Haryana. The programme is aimed at Human Resource Development for S&T.

The award of HSCST Fellowship is for a fixed tenure and doesn’t imply any guarantee or assurance for subsequent employment by

HSCST to the beneficiary. The awardee shall not lay claim to permanent absorption in HSCST, following the expiry of Fellowship.

HSCST Fellowships are given to people holding M.Sc. Or equivalent degree, with minimum 55% marks and must have qualified JRF (NET) CSIR in joint CSIR-UGC Test for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and eligibility for lectureship (NET). Research fellowships have been in Science subjects, specifically, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Earth Atmospheric Ocean & Planetary Sciences etc. The fellowships will involve full-time research work for 3 years, resulting in Ph. D. degree in the relevant subject areas from some of those institute/University in Haryana.


Online applications for HSCST fellowship will be encouraged through press advertisement in addition to on the website in the prescribed application form.


The upper age limit for JRF will be 28 years, which will be relaxable up to five years in the case of candidates belonging to Schedule Castes/Schedule Tribes, Women, Physically Handicapped and OBC applicants.


Candidates will be chosen on the basis of their performance in National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by CSIR twice annually. The tests have been conducted twice per year normally in the months of June and December. The fellowships are awarded to the meritorious candidates who’ve qualified JRF (NET) CSIR in joint CSIR-UGC Test for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and eligibility for lectureship (NET) for carrying out their Ph. D. work in any of the University/Institute in Haryana.

HSCST will advertise for the award of fellowship in the leading newspapers in addition to on its website once CSIR declares the result. The candidates will be asked to apply against the advertising and will be selected on the standards described above. The Fellowship will be awarded on receipt of necessary details of the qualifying degree examination, NET examination conducted by CSIR, place of work, research topic, the name of supervisor and the concurrence of this Institution to provide all the necessary facilities. The validity of this offer of this award is going to be just one year. Undertaking by a Research Fellow on Acceptance of the Award of Research Fellowship, joining report and attestation form are at Annexure 1.


Rs.18,000/- per month for the first two years in which the research fellow is going to be designated as JRF (Junior Research Fellow) and Rs.21,000/- a month for the 3rd year at which the Research fellow is going to be upgraded to SRF (Senior Research Fellow). The fellowship will carry a yearly contingency grant of Rs 20,000/. The details of stipend are given as under:

i. The stipend of a JRF will be Rs.18,000/- per month for a period of two years. Additionally, an annual contingency grant of Rs.20,000/per fellow will be provided to the University / Institution. The guidelines for utilization of contingent grant are given in Annexure-II.

ii. On completion of 2 years as JRF, the stipend could be increased to Rs.21,000/ – a month to the 3rd and following year, on the grounds of assessment of Fellows’ research progress/ achievements through interview by an Expert Committee comprising the Guide, Head of the Department and External Member from outside the University/ Institution who’s an expert in the appropriate field, not below the rank of Professor/ Associate Professor. As far as possible the External Member must be the chairman of 3 members Committee. Where the guide happens to be the Head of this Department, the Dean, Faculty of Science or some other senior member of this Department might be associated as the third member of this Committee (Annexure III). On upgradation, the designation of JRF is going to be changed to SRF. In case of this Committee not recommending upgradation the candidate will probably last as JRF using a stipend of Rs.18,000/- per month for its 3rd year or his fellowship may be terminated depending on the conclusion of this Committee. The advancement of research work of JRF will be assessed again at the end of 3rd year for such upgradation.


It’s expected that Fellows will have published work to their credit by the end of 3rd year. This will form a significant qualitative and quantitative criterion for judging the progress made by the candidate. In the event the work of JRF is still not found satisfactory for upgradation, the fellowship will be terminated. Extension of tenure of SRF for the 4th year is going to be on the basis of this progress report and recommendation of the guide. The 5th year extension as SRF is permissible on the recommendation of three members’ assessment Committee and progress report duly supported by publications in the form of reprints/preprints/manuscripts of this paper published, approved or communicated for publication (Annexure V).

The total tenure as JRF and SRF won’t exceed five years. The order for continuation in precisely the exact same rate of stipend as SRF, continuation at the exact same rate of stipend as JRF or will be issued by the HSCST. An extension might not be granted if the fellow doesn’t acknowledge aid of HSCST in his research publication.



The Fellowship will be granted to the selected applicants by a formal letter giving details of the grant and the conditions governing it, under intimation to the University/Institution, which forwarded their applications. The grant money is payable in 1 installment during the financial year on presentation of claim bill in triplicate in the prescribed proforma (Annexure VI) duly signed by the Finance Officer/Head of this Institution. The first payment will be made following the receipt of this joining report of this fellow in addition to other necessary documents as stated in the letter, through the Guide duly forwarded by the Executive Authority of this institute in whose favour the grant is to be released. Subsequent payments will be made only following receipt of (a) the progress report of the Research Fellow in the prescribed proforma (Annexure-IV) for the period ending 31 March and previous one-year report, (b) statement of accounts of expenditure incurred during the current fiscal year ending 31 March, alongside the claim bill for the next financial year from the institution. The sponsor Institution/University may advance money for payment of stipend to the fellow and also to meet the contingent expenditure on his/her joining the fellowship for subsequent years, which might be adjusted subsequently on receipt of the grants from the HSCST for the Fellowship. The unspent amount of earlier payments due to stipend will be adjusted in making the fresh payment. The accounts must be maintained on ledger type system by the grantee Institution for the Research Fellow. The university/Institution shall be responsible for proper utilization of grant and also for rendering the account of HSCST. If it had been found at any stage of fellowship that there’s wastage/misappropriation of funds, Chairman, Executive Committee reserves the right to purchase a refund of the entire fellowship. Further, the conclusion of refund of contingency grant also rests with Chairman, Executive Committee on a case to the event basis.


A contingency grant of Rs.20,000/per fellow per annum is provided to the University/Institution. For less than 1 year, the contingency grant will be admissible on a pro-rata basis. Part of the grant may be used in the interest of research work, purchase of books, etc.. The unspent balance of contingency grant at the conclusion of a year may be carried forward into another year. The guidelines for utilization of the contingent grant have been awarded in Annexure-II


The preparation of quarterly in addition to the annual progress report on the research work done will be an essential part of the Fellow’s work. Every Research Fellow will submit his/her quarterly /yearly research report in the prescribed proforma (Annexure-IV) within a period of 15 days following the conclusion of one quarter and one-year tenure to HSCST through his/her Guide/Head of the Department in the time of claiming the grant to the upcoming year. It’s essential to give current and complete information against all the columns of Annexure-IV. The results should be shown quantitatively in Tables/Figures and discussed concerning the objectives and conclusions drawn should likewise be given. Fragmentary reports will not be entertained. The progress report should be accompanied by copies of published papers, re-prints, pre-prints of papers duly acknowledging financial aid of HSCST duly accepted for publication, manuscripts of papers communicated for publication, failing that the fellowship will be terminated. Attendance record must accompany the yearly report. The Guide/Head of Department will bring out in his the assessment report, the share of originality and initiative of this fellow in carrying out the research work. If a thesis is submitted for a higher degree, this might be reported by the guide of this department to HSCST and also the result when announced.


The results of Fellow’s research work may be published in standard refereed journals at the discretion of the Guide. IT SHOULD BE ENSURED THAT THE ASSISTANCE PROVIDED BY HSCST is ALWAYS ACKNOWLEDGED IN ALL SUCH PUBLICATIONS. 1 copy of this published research papers must be sent to HSCST. The right to commercial exploitation of their results and patent right arising out of this investigation will, but rest exclusively with HSCST.


  1. He/She be a full-time researcher and submit himself/herself to the disciplinary regulations of this University/ Institute/ Laboratory where he/she is working. Regular attendance of this fellow might be ensured by the department by keeping an attendance register.
  2. If a fellow decides to appear for competitive examination, he/she would invariably seek permission from the guide and inform HSCST about it.
  3. The Research Fellow is to not take any assignment aside from related to his/her approved research programme, paid or unpaid. His/her taking up any compensated assignment at any time in the course of the fellowship, can result in the fellow being asked to pay back the whole fellowship amount along with disciplinary action.
  4. Once a research Fellow accepts the Fellowship and joins, it’s incumbent upon him/her to continue the research for the normal tenure of this fellowship or for such lesser duration, where the original objectives of the research problem happen to be achieved.
  5. No Fellow shall discontinue his/her Fellowship without prior approval of HSCST. If he/she wishes to discontinue the fellowship before completion of this tenure on attainment of original objectives of research, he/she needs to submit the resignation to HSCST through the Guide one month beforehand, indicating specific reasons for not continuing the Fellowship. The Fellowship shall cease from the date stipulated in the HSCST letter approving the resignation.
  6. The research Fellow should send a detailed consolidated report of this research work done during the entire period of Fellowship on completion of the tenure/resignation of this Fellowship throughout the Guide to HSCST, in the prescribed proforma (Annexure VII), within a month.
  7. During the tenure of the Fellowship, the Fellow will correspond with HSCST only through the Guide together with the approval of their Head of the Institution.
  8. The Research Fellow will keep HSCST informed about his/her getting the higher degree, submission of thesis for Ph.D. and submission/acceptance/publication of any research paper arising out of the research work completed during the tenure of this fellowship. He/She has to acknowledge the aid of HSCST in the publications. 1 copy each of the research papers published have to be sent to HSCST at each stage of publication/ manuscript/reprint.


A Research Fellow on the recommendation of Guide, also provided his/her University/ Institute does not have any objection, could be allowed by HSCST to take up temporary compensated lectureship/research project at a recognized R&D Institution/University, College/Institute of repute/Recognized R & D Institution/PDF research in India & overseas for a time not exceeding one year throughout the whole tenure of the Fellowship (JRF & SRF collectively ). The Research Fellow won’t qualify for an extension of this Fellowship for these periods. The Fellow won’t be qualified for suspending or contingency through such leave. Such a leave period will be counted in the tenure. Such leave may be obtained only after connecting and working as Research Scholar at least for a single year. The fellow must account for duty at precisely the exact same area from where he proceeded to leave.


Leave with stipend not exceeding 45 days for every completed year of tenure might be permitted by the Guide after the request was communicated to HSCST. The leave will be treated as a member of this Fellow’s tenure. The leave because can be carried over to another year, however, more than 90 days may be gathered at any time during the tenure. Of this not over 30 days can be availed in the conclusion, before the conclusion of the tenure of Fellowship. During the first year of Fellowship or any, uncompleted year leave could be granted on a pro-rata basis. Sanction of leave without stipend might be considered by HSCST under special circumstances. If a Fellow proceeds leave before the conclusion of Fellowship, he/she must join back prior to the expiry of tenure; failing that the tenure will be deemed to have terminated with effect from the date he/she proceeded on leave. The fact of joining back from leave ought to be communicated to HSCST instantly.

The Guide can grant leave to a Fellow in his/her charge together with the concurrence of the Head of this Institution/Department if the leave is expected. If leave isn’t due, these cases will be decided by HSCST only. The Fellow shouldn’t be permitted to proceed on leave to see abroad for attending conferences/seminars etc. without previous approval of this HSCST well beforehand. The whole duration of these foreign visits if financed by any national/international agency, if partially or fully, would be treated as leave without stipend.

(i) Women Fellows with less than two surviving children qualify for a full stipend during the period of absence up to 135 days on grounds of maternity. Such leave shall be sanctioned by the Guide under intimation to HSCST. The Fellowship sum for leave period will be compensated following the fellow resumes duty and submits a medical certificate in support of actual confinement. It’s expected that the Fellow will make up the deficiency during the remaining tenure.


The fellow ought to carefully select the host institution, infrastructural facility to perform his research prior to linking. Request for transfer of fellowship won’t be entertained except in compelling circumstances for the fellow & his/her guide should submit proper justification. The No Objection Certificate must be produced by the Fellow/ Associate from supervisor and Head of Department of University/Institute from where the transfer is sought and in which to be transferred by providing reasons of transfer is sought and in which to be transferred by providing reasons of transfer. No TA will be permissible in these scenarios. The Research Fellow should make sure that necessary facilities are available at the Institution chosen by him/her for research at the time of joining the Fellowship. But, no transfers will be permitted in the previous six months of the tenure of fellowships & even after submission of the Ph.D. thesis. Joining time provided in case of transfer that is treated as duty period will be according to Haryana Govt. norms.


The fellowship will normally stand terminated on completion of its tenure or from the date their resignation has been accepted by HSCST in the event of resignation by fellow. The Fellowship could be terminated by the HSCST on the recommendation of the Supervisor and Head of this Department/Institution. The fellowship may also be terminated if the institution in which it’s tenable refuses to continue to provide facilities to the fellow on disciplinary grounds and so informs HSCST.

In case the fellow leaves without permission, stipend because at any given time will not be compensated to him/her by the Institution, until all University and other dues are cleared and certified by the University/Institution. Responsibility in these cases will be that of the University/Institution concerned.

The unspent balance of grant lying together with the Institution anytime because of termination /resignation of this Fellow has to be reimbursed to HSCST instantly by means of a demand draft in favour of Secretary/EC, Haryana State Council for Science and Technology.

Research Fellows must settle their claims within a year of leaving the Fellowship. No claim will be admitted by HSCST following one year of leaving the Fellowship.


HSCST may send its own officers whenever considered essential for reviewing the work of the fellows and Associates, an inspection of accounts, etc, in Universities/Institutes in which the scholars are placed.

Any sort of paid or honorary, part-or-full-time employment or private practice in honorary capacity isn’t permissible during the tenure of Fellowship.

The stipend of research fellow/associate is exempt from the payment of income tax under 10(16) of IT Act, 1961. 

Procedure For applying online application for HSCST Fellowship Programme:

  1. Click www.saralharyana.gov.in
  2. Click New User/Register Here
  3. Register yourself by simply filling all of the details given there for creating Login Password and id.
  4. Verify your account by submitting verification code that is sent on your email id/registered mobile number by saral haryana via email/message.
  5. Press log in. Fill the user Id & password and then fill the application form.
  6. Press apply for services & select application form for HSCST Fellowship.
  7. Fill all the given columns and then upload all essential documents by clicking (Attach Annexure) in the form.
  8. Submit the e-form and you’ll get SARAL ID number for additional communication. After online submission of application, the applicant should obtain a print out of the submitted application for his/her record. Please do not send the application by post.
  9. The final date for submitting the online application is 31.10.2019 (up to 5.00 PM).
  10. The applicant possesses valid and functional Email address & mobile number has to be used for submission of the online application.
  11. Please don’t submit more than one application. Please, make sure that all details of this application are correct prior to submitting. No claim will be entertained in the event of incomplete or non-submitted application.
  12. Wrongly filled up applications or Application with lack of essential documents will summarily be rejected.

Supporting documents:

  1. 10th standard certification for age proof.
  2. NET certification issued by CSIR
  3. M.Sc. Last year certificate
  4. Caste certificate
  5. Proof if physically handicapped.
  6. Aadhar Card.

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