HORIZON 2020 Work Programme
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HORIZON 2020 Work Programme – Biotechnology

‘HORIZON 2020’ WORK PROGRAMME: 2019-2020, ON

Researchers and innovators from universities, research organisations and enterprises from
India can team up with European partners in the calls for proposals published by the
European Commission (EC) under its Research and Innovation programme ‘Horizon 2020’

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Through participation in ‘Horizon 2020’, Indian partners can benefit from access to talent,
knowledge, data and infrastructures, and connect to world-leading teams, networks, value
chains and address jointly global challenges. To ensure funding for successful Indian
applicants, DBT and the EC have concluded a Co-Funding Mechanism (CFM) by which DBT
agrees, in pre-selected calls, and subject to specific conditions and modalities, to fund the
successful Indian participants that have been selected in Horizon 2020 project(s).

On 2 July 2019, the EC published the ‘Horizon 2020’ updated Work programmes for 2019-
2020, in which the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has agreed to participate in 30 call
topics in the areas of its mandate. See in Section 1 hereunder, the full list of topics per thematic area earmarked by DBT for co-funding. The list indicates the exact Call IDs, the opening and closing date of the call; the type of action provided and the link to the full call text as published in the Horizon 2020 Funding & Tenders Portal.

The guidelines in this notice also explain various modalities of participation that the Indian
applicants have to comply with in order to be eligible for funding by DBT (see hereunder
Sections 2 and 3, including Annex 1 on Administrative and Financial Considerations).

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All proposals should be submitted to the Horizon 2020 Funding & Tenders Portal and to DBT, including the budget requested from DBT. In the absence of this, DBT will disqualify the Indian participants from funding (see Section 4 hereunder).

At the end of the notice, information is also provided on how to access and go about ‘Horizon 2020’ formalities, which Indian applicants have also to comply with (Annex 2) and on How to find partners (Annex 3).

Interested participants must also ensure complete understanding about the call text itself on the Horizon 2020 Funding & Tenders Portal for the overall conditions and modalities.

Single-stage and Two-stage proposal procedures2

  • Single Stage procedure: at the indicated deadline a full proposal is submitted.
  • Two Stage procedure:
    In stage 1 of a two-stage procedure, applicants first submit a short proposal (maximum 10 pages, unless otherwise specified in the submission system). Part A is also shorter, including only the total requested EC funding (without a breakdown of costs). Part B is also shorter (10 pages) and only the evaluation criteria on ‘excellence’ and on ‘impact’, notably in relation to the expected impact statement in the work programme, have to be addressed.Proposals which pass all the individual thresholds and the overall threshold for stage 1 (see Annex H of the General Annexes to the Work Programme), will be invited to submit a full proposal for stage 2.At the end of stage 1, unsuccessful proposal coordinators receive an Evaluation Summary Report (ESR), showing the results of the evaluation of their proposal. For successful stage 1 proposals, general feedback is provided to all coordinators, but the ESR of stage 1, is only sent after stage 2.Submission in stage 2 requires the same content and formalities as the single proposal
    procedure. However, the full proposal must be consistent with the short proposal submitted in stage 1 and must not differ substantially from it.
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o Type of funding actions under Horizon 2020

  • Research and Innovation Action (RIA): aiming at tackling clearly defined challenges which can lead to the development of new knowledge and/or new technology.
  • Innovation Action (IA): supporting closer-to-the-market activities including prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, scaling-up etc. for new or improved products, processes or services.
  • Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs): focusing at activities coordinating or supporting research actions and strategies, such as networking and exchange actions, cross-border access to research infrastructure, studies, policy dialogues, conferences, preparation of studies etc.



1.1 Participants from India

  • Any legal entity/ organization established in India with expertise in relevant and distinct
    disciplines. No limit on number of Indian participants but should be necessary for the execution
    of the project and comply with the modalities (see section 2 – 2.1)
  • The call is open to all career groups (i.e. early, intermediate and senior); however, it is
    expected that each investigator shall have adequate service tenure to accommodate key research, coordination, outreach, post completion handholding and maintenance (if any)
    responsibilities. Early career investigators are encouraged to participate.
  • Participation of Indian business partner and/or an Indian urban or other local government body who would be the end user of the solution would be encouraged.
  • The number of Indian project partners should be optimum and correspond to the objectives of the project. Each project should clearly demonstrate the partner’s essentiality, complementarities, and added value in jointly addressing the topic.
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Participants from EU

  • Entities from Member States of the European Union3, including their overseas
    departments and outermost regions4 ; and
  • Entities from Associated Countries (AC)5 to EU R&I Programme ‘Horizon 2020’.
    Jointly called hereafter participants from ‘Europe’.

How to Apply:

Check out the whole detailed procedure below

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Editor’s Note: HORIZON 2020 Work Programme – Biotechnology, INDIA-EU CO-FUNDING ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PROPOSALS UNDER ‘HORIZON 2020’ WORK PROGRAMME: 2019-2020, ON HEALTH, BIOECONOMY, CLEAN ENERGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY. Make sure you check out the Biotecnika Times Newsletter, Podcast and all of our social media platforms for the latest in the life sciences.

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