CSIR Partial Financial Assistance Scheme - Who Is Eligible?
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CSIR Partial Financial Assistance scheme – Who is eligible?

Anyone who belongs to the research field wishes to present their work not only at a national level but at an international level too. Presenting work not only help in exchanging ideas but all have proved to be very helpful in developing contacts for seeking help in future for research work as well as help in knowing about the research taking place all across the world. Also, the benefits of international experience help in the development of intercultural skills. Getting the opportunity to present your work at the national level is quite easy in comparison to the international level.

Some major problems faced by scholars and scientists to present their work at the international level are a shortage of resources. Even when resources are available, no proper opportunity for eager researchers by some of their colleagues or absence of coordination. Therefore, to combat the problems and encourage research Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has introduced the CSIR Partial Financial Assistance scheme.

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What is CSIR Partial Financial Assistance scheme?

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research abbreviated as CSIR was established in 1942 by the Government of India as an autonomous body. It is the largest research and development organization in India. The CSIR provides several schemes to help the candidates that want to go abroad and present their work. One of the schemes available for Indian regular employees (NON-CSIR) for participating in the International Scientific Events such as Workshops, Seminar, Symposium, Conferences to attend abroad is CSIR Partial Financial Assistance scheme. The CSIR Partial Financial Assistance scheme provides partial reimbursement of airfare from an event venue to the back.

Interesting right! But who all are eligible for this scheme?

The first criteria are that the applicant should be a regular but non-CSIR employee. Any Faculty member, Research scientist, etc. who are involved in research and development activities at recognized Academic Educational, research institution or organization can apply for this scheme.

Age Limit – Scientists applying for the scheme should be below the age of 50 will be given preference.

Educational Qualification – The minimum qualification required is that a person should be a Postgraduate in Science or should have Bachelor degree in Technology or Engineering or should have Medicine or equivalent qualification from a recognized University or institution.

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Travel Support – Anyone who has availed the financial assistance from CSIR for travel support in the last 3 years is not eligible.

Publications – The applicant should also ensure that he/she should have published papers in refereed journals in the last 5 years.

Received Invitation – Anyone who fulfills any one of the conditions can apply:

  • Either the applicant should have an accepted paper for presentation as a single or lead author.
  • Anyone who has received an invitation as a Keynote speaker or to chair a session at the event.

Application Form – The application form for the CSIR Partial Financial Assistance Scheme must reach the CSIR human resource development group (CSIR-HRDG) at least 2 months in advance (not more than 4 months in advance). Incomplete or Late application form may not be considered or rejected.

Following documents is needed.

AT the pre-sanctioned stage, the applicant is required to submit all the necessary details to present work abroad.

  • Complete documents and duly forwarded through proper channel.
  • Summary Sheet (Form-CSIR/PFA/19/SUM)(PDF|WORD) and
  • Application form (Form-CSIR/PFA/19/MAIN)(PDF|WORD), placed at Annexure 1 and 2 respectively,
  • Letter of invitation or Acceptance from organizers of the event.
  • Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) or permission from the place of work (Institute or organization) for the duration of stay abroad,
  • Copy of Brochure/Announcement of the conference/workshop/Seminar/Symposia.
  • Abstract of the paper accepted for presentation. All the details & affiliations of co-authors (if any) is also required.
  • If the applicant is not the lead author, a certificate from the lead author is required indicating the circumstances of deputing the applicant to present the paper.
  • Airfare estimate/Memo for Economy/ Excursion class by the shortest route from Air-India / Govt approved travel agents.
  • Also, a copy of the letter regarding commitment from any other national or international agency for any financial assistance, full or partial for travel, registration, per diem, etc, if any, need to be submitted.
  • Certificate from the applicant that he/she has not availed travel support CSIR in the last 3 years.
  • Application submitted must be signed by the candidate as well as by duly authorized signatories at the academic institution where the applicant is working.
  • No application would be processed or considered without the signature of the authorized signatories in the column provided.
  • The candidate is expected to attend the entire event /conference.
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Result Declaration

The result for CSIR Partial Financial Assistance Scheme will be notified on the CSIR website. Also, the selected candidates will be provided with the letter by sending it to their communication address candidate have specified in the application form. So, ensure that the address you are filling in the application form is correct. If the candidate does not receive sanction letter within 10 days of declaration of results, he or she may write to [email protected] regarding a copy of sanction letter.

In the case of the copy of the sanction letter, it will be sent to the email ID specified by the candidate in his/her application form. No meantime correspondence will be entertained and direct contact to any individual regarding the selection process in any form would lead to disqualification of the applicant.

Grant Sanctioned – If the candidate is selected and a grant is sanctioned then it must be noted that journey to the event should be strictly performed by the shortest route in the economy or excursion class by Air India.

How to Purchase Tickets

  • Tickets can be purchased directly from the Website or booking counters of Air India Airlines.
  • Tickets can also be purchased from Government of India approved travel agents namely viz. M/s Ashok Travels & Tours, M/s Balmer Lawrie & Company, and IRCTC as warranted under Govt. of India orders in this subject.

Government of India guidelines for CSIR Partial Financial Assistance Scheme – on official air travel are available on https://doe.gov.in/sites/default/files/Guidlines_Air_Travel_19.07.2017.pdf

If the Air India Airlines does not operate a particular sector or if the tickets are not available for the date of journey, journey for that sector can be performed by partner airlines or codeshare of Air India. In this case, a certificate from issuing agency reg non-availability of the ticket by Air India / Air India does not operate that sector must be furnished.

Candidate should note that no exception will be permissible in this regard.

Post Completion of Event (Reimbursement) will be reimbursed to institute’s account post completion of the event will be done after submission of following documents.

i) Annexure 3-Claim Bill (Form-CSIR/PFA/19/GA)(PDF/WORD)).
ii) Annexure 4-Tour report (Form-CSIR/PFA/19/TR)(PDF|WORD).
iii) Ticket/e-ticket with boarding passes.
if air ticket is booked through Air-India and government-approved travel agents as mentioned previously then only claim the bill will be admitted for reimbursement.
iv) Participation certificate at the scientific event from the organizers.
v) Sanction/approval letter copy of travel support received for the trip from other organization if any.
vi)Annexure 5- NEFT Form (Form-CSIR/PFA/19/NEFT)(PDF|WORD)

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Duly verified and attested form should be submitted. Following bank details of the organization should be mentioned.

  • Bank name (Name as per bank records)
  • Branch name and address,
  • Account number,
  • Nature of account,
  • IFSC code and
  • MICR Code. placed at Annexure 5).

Make sure that all the documents (1-6) need to be submitted in duplicate that is original and one photocopy, all pages self-attested by the candidate).

Claim Submission

Travels claims for CSIR Partial Financial Assistance Scheme should be submitted within 2 months (60 days) from the completion of the event. Complete documents should be submitted. In exceptional cases only, claim received beyond 2 months will be entertained. That to the reason of delay in submission, duly forwarded through Head of the Organisation needs to be submitted. The claim, in any case, will not be entertained after 4 months.

Intimation of Reimbursement – At the earliest subject to availability of funds, reimbursement would be done. The candidate will be informed by email details of UTR / Transaction ID, on the successful transfer of the fund to the institute’s account.

Communication details for the CSIR Partial Financial Assistance Scheme

All communication may be addressed to:

In-charge, Symposia and Travel Grant Unit, CSIR Human Resource Development Group, Room 302, CSIR Complex, (Opposite Institute of Hotel Management), Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi – 110012, India
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 011-25841037

So, dear researchers if you are interested in presenting your work abroad, then don’t delay. Apply to this CSIR Partial Financial Assistance scheme.

Good Luck!

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