Career At Tea Board of India - Job Opportunities, Eligibility & Salary Discussed
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Career at Tea Board of India – Job Opportunities, Eligibility & Salary Discussed

When the warmth of the morning sun blended with the smell of brewing tea comes to wake you up, then it is a glorious Good Morning!. In India most people start their day with a sip of hot delicious tea and why not, when you are a citizen of one of the largest tea producing countries famous as suppliers of the best quality tea, you are bound to be a teaholic. Won’t it be amazing if you can make your career in the Government agency associated with tea research – The Tea Board of India. India is also one of the largest consumer and exporter of tea. Tea management is one of the career lines that is gaining popularity in India.

Tea originated from Asia but now the whole world is hooked onto it. Today West has outcompeted Asia as the largest consumer of Asia tea. Tea being so popular, there are many jobs associated with it. Tea tasting has evolved as one of the most specialized jobs. Apart from it, one can work as a researcher, plantation manager, tea brokers, consultants, etc.

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The Tea industries, by an Act of Parliament, comes under the control of the Union Govt. The origin of the Tea Board India dates back to 1903 when the Indian Tea Cess Bill was passed. The Bill provided for levying a cess on tea exports – the proceeds of which were to be used for the promotion of Indian tea both within and outside India. The present Tea Board set up under section 4 of the Tea Act 1953 was constituted on 1st April 1954. It has replaced the Indian Tea Licencing Committee and Central Tea Board which functioned respectively under the Indian Tea Control Act, 1938 and the Central Tea Board Act,1949. The activities of the two previous bodies had been confined largely to the export of tea and regulation of tea cultivation as required by the International Tea Agreement then in force, and the promotion of tea Consumption.


The present Tea Board is functioning as a non-constitutional body of the Central Government under the Ministry of Commerce. The Board is constituted of 31 members (including Chairman) drawn from Members of Parliament, representatives of Governments tea producers, tea traders, and tea brokers, consumers, from the trade unions and principal tea producing states.

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Now let’s have a look at various job opportunities which one can explore at Tea Board of India or in fact any job profile related to Tea research – Career At Tea Board of India.


India is the largest producer and dealer of tea, there is a higher scope of making a career at the tea board. One can join as an Assistant, and then with time can be promoted to the post of assistant manager and then the manager of the tea garden.

The tea industry is one of the largest industries with many domains. It includes field like plantation work, Processing, Tasting, auctioning, branding, marketing, and Research. Plantation work means fieldwork where one needs to see to the soil preparation, application of fertilizers, choosing the quality seed best suited in the prevailing environment and supervising the plucking of the leaves. Processing involves factory work, like cruising, tearing and curling of the leaves. After all the processing the tea is packed and sent to the auction center where the tea tasters have a very important role to play. They taste the tea and checks the quality of the brand. In the end, the tea is packed and sent to the market.

Frequent Job Opportunities One Can find at Tea Board of India has been listed below with the qualification & Salary details:

1.Project Assistant

Tea Board of India Hires for Project Assistant post on a frequent basis. It’s a high research-oriented post. One can get the opportunity to work in research projects like – Development of Microbial Inoculations to Improve Growth of Tea Plants, Development of bio-pesticide against fungal diseases of tea and much more. This job is ideal for freshers.

Qualification Required: MSc & BSc candidates with backgrounds in Life Sciences / Botany / Microbiology can apply for these vacancies.

Average Starting Salary Offered: Rs 20,000/- pm


2. Project Scientist

Project Scientist post comes next to project assistant post. One gets the opportunity to work under govt sanctioned research projects. Development of clones for effective breeding to increase productivity, Quality & stress tolerance assessment, development & testing of bio-pesticides and much more.

Qualification Required: Candidates with MSc degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding/Plant Physiology, Agriculture / M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology, M.Sc. in Botany or in any other relevant subject are preferred.

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Average Starting Salary Offered:

  • Non-PhD: Rs 25,000/- pm
  • PhD candidates: Rs 35,000/- pm


3. Microbiologist

Career At Tea Board of India as a Microbiologist is one of the highly paid jobs. Microbiologists are assigned with work such as – Daily Sample analysis for quality assurance of bioproducts, Sample preparation, analysis, calculation of results, reporting, etc. Nature of duty also includes – Analysis of Tea Samples & maintaining the instrumentation facility.

Qualification Required:

  • Junior Microbiologist: / MSc Microbiology
  • Microbiologist: Msc / Ph.D.(Microbiology/ Food Technology/ Life Science/ Agriculture) MSc: 1st class in Microbiology/Food Technology/Life Science

Average Starting Salary Offered:

  • Junior Microbiologist: Rs 20,000/- pm
  • Microbiologist: Rs 40,000/- pm


4. Research Fellow:

For Research Fellow post candidates with a NET qualification are preferred. Research Fellows get the opportunity to work under Major projects handled at Tea Board of India like – Tea Genome Sequencing Project.

Qualification Required: M.Sc. in Life Science/ Agriculture/ Biotechnology/ Plant Breeding/any other relevant subject with NET Qualification.

Average Starting Salary Offered: As per CSIR NET Norms

NB: Job vacancies from Tea Board of India are frequently posted by Biotecnika. Keep a check on our job section for Recruitment / Job opening notifications by the Tea Board of India.


Additional Job Openings Related to Tea Research:


A taster is a person who is specialized in determining the quality of the tea. This helps in maintaining the flavor of a particular brand of tea. This helps to brand the variety according to the quality. A tea taster is hired by the manufacturing companies, buyer and brokers. In the manufacturing company, the taster detects the defects in the process of manufacture. By looking at the color and size of the processed leaves one is able to determine whether they have been dried under fire or fermented and sends them back to the factory to modulate it if required. They also need to coordinate the various works in the garden and tell the researcher of the commercial needs. In the broker’s office, the taster tells the manufacturer about the market requirements. In the buyer’s end, they have to be aware of what is happening both at both ends.

People who become a taster are highly specialized and have developed skills to differentiate between the different aroma and taste of the tea. This is one of the most highly paid posts.

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An integral part of this industry is research. Botanist, biotechnologist and other scientists involved in this tea research have developed a connection with the tasters who tells them about the desired quality required. They are the ones responsible for developing high yielding, disease-resistant variety of tea plants, and also strains that produce leaves that are natural blends of various teas. One can start their Career at Tea Board of India as a Researcher easily by qualifying the CSIR NET Exam.


They are the intermediaries between the buyers and planter-producers and must-have updates on the market trends and the price. A broker should have knowledge about the tea industry and the tasting. They taste the tea coming from different plants and then market it.


Experienced tea planters can work as a consultant, giving advice on the variety of the tea to be planted, new varieties and their source, recruiting and training of personals and looking after the labor demands.


They are the ones under whom the assistant managers work. They can be either factory manager or plantation manager. Their job is to supervise and look after the entire process and make important decisions. They supervise the seasonal handling of tea. Very experienced and capable people are only recruited in this post. The Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore, has a training program oriented according to the Indian market.

Tea Industry is a very promising industry which will always make a profit. One can enroll in whichever field you find suitable. Initially, one can be taken in the Assistant post but with time they will be promoted higher-level posts as well. There are universities which offer Tea management course. Those who are interested in research can find a chance to explore and manipulate the genome of a variety of tea. All in all, those who are looking for an exciting and secure job can think about working with the Tea Board of India – Career at Tea Board of India.

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