BIRAC Appreciation Grant

BIRAC Appreciation Grant Of Rs 1 Lakh For Graduate Students – Apply Now

Indian Nationals who are pursuing graduation in any field are eligible to apply for the SITARE Appreciation Grants. If you have an interest in attending some worshop trainings, do consider applying for this grant. Interested applicants can check out all of the details on the scheme, the description, application procedure and more below:

This call expires in :

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3. SITARE Appreciation Grants

3.1 About BIIS:

The mandate of Biotech Innovation Ignition School (BIIS) is to provide exposure and
orientation for an entrepreneurial journey through hands-on-technical training, interactive
sessions with experts, access to bioincubation centre etc. This to promote grass-root
innovations and nurture ideas with societal impact, pioneered by undergraduate students,
especially from Tier II/III cities. Selected few would receive financial support of INR 1 lakh
as an encouragement to pursue their inquisitive entrepreneurial idea. The fund recipients
would be recognized as SITARE-Appreciation recipients and may also receive follow on
training and mentoring.
The BIIS is a national level programme to provide up to 4 weeks of residential training
benefitting up to 40 students in each session.

3.2. Eligibility:

Students pursuing Bachelors programme

in any discipline, preferably from Tier II/Tier III
cities and aspirational districts within India. The student should have a valid ID issued by
the Institution/University.
A student can avail only one opportunity for BIIS workshop training across all SITARE
Partners, except for the SITARE-Appreciation Award Grantees who will be eligible to avail
access to subsequent workshops by other Partners on the recommendation by SITARE

3.3. Application Process:

Applications need to be submitted online only. Call for applications will be invited against
advertisement by SITARE Partner.
Format of application with Statement of Purpose can be accessed through the website.
Selected students will be informed 3 weeks prior to the start of the workshop.
Tentative months for the conduct of BIIS Workshops: February, June and December.

Process for submitting the proposals online is detailed below:

  • Log on to the BIRAC website
  • If you are a registered user, log-in using the credentials, else you need to register
    yourself as an individual by clicking on New User Registration.
  • In case of new user registration, a computer-generated password would be sent to the
    email-id provided at the time of registration. The password can be changed later.
  • Once you log in, you would be navigated to the page displaying SITARE-BIIS link.
  • Click on the SITARE-BIIS application link under Programmes and the active call would
    be highlighted.
  • Click on the active call against which you wish to submit the proposal.

3.4. Selection Process:

Selection will be based on the Statement of Purpose (SoP) submitted by the Student. Key
factors for selection of applications include

  • Originality (40%)
  • Clarity of Purpose (20%)
  • Implementation Plan (15%)
  • Potential impact (15%)

3.5. General structure of BIIS workshop:

  • Assignment of projects to student/student team and sharing of abstract and
    objectives (7-10 days before the start of BIIS)
  • A literature search by the student (before the start of BIIS)
  • Development of project plan under expert supervision (Day 1-2)
  • Hands-on-training for skills required to undertake the project (Day 3-6)
  • Students undertake the project work
  • Compilation and analysis of results
  • Presentation of analysis to Jury
  • Selection of SITARE-Appreciation grantees

3.6. Facility for conduct of BIIS:

BIIS workshop shall be conducted in lab/Bio incubator/suitable premises arranged by
SITARE Partner.

3.7. Travel/Accommodation:

Following expenses will be covered for student participants:

  • Class II Rail fare and local travel expenses
  • Hostel accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Shuttle facility from hostel to project site

3.8. SITARE-Appreciation Award Grants:

The work done by students during BIIS is assessed on the last day of the school and the
outstanding studies (up to 10 per BIIS) are identified for further support of INR 1 lakh each
as SITARE-Appreciation Award Grant. The grantees are expected to conduct further
research on the topic either at home institution or at SITARE Partner’s lab. SITARE Partner
can extend mentoring and other support required for the same.

3.9. Other activities:

SITARE Partner is encouraged to provide mentoring to BIIS participants by organizing
invited talks by experts from institutions such as but not limited to TiE, BREC, Management
schools etc. and may undertake tour(s) to nearby reputed colleges/institutions/incubation

3.10. Expected Deliverables:

Exposure and orientation towards entrepreneurship among students from/for Tier II/Tier
III cities and aspirational districts.

3.11. Responsibilities of SITARE Partner for BIIS Workshops & SITARE-Appreciation Award Grants:

  • Advertise call for applications for BIIS workshop
  • View and process applications
  • Screen applications for eligibility
  • Select students for the workshop as per guidance given above
  • Communicate decision regarding selection to all applicants
  • Organize and conduct BIIS workshop while meeting optimal standards
  • Manage and support travel, boarding and lodging of students and experts
  • Organize Jury Meeting for selection of SITARE-Appreciation grantees
  • Seek BIRAC approval on final selection of grantees
  • Provide access to continued support to SITARE-Appreciation grantees for carrying
    their research work further.
  • Any other required activity for effective implementation of SITARE-Appreciation
    Award Grants on mutual consent with BIRAC.

4. Definition(s):

a) Translational Research: Translational research refers to the application of knowledge
for the advancement of basic research to clinical research. This can be quantified on a
Technology Readiness Level scale of 1 to 9 (ref. Annexure 1/

b) Indian Citizen: An Indian citizen is defined as one who is in possession of a
government-approved proof of nationality such as a valid passport. NRIs are Indian
citizens. OCI/PIO cardholders are not eligible for this scheme. As per Article 9 of the
Constitution of India 1949, people voluntarily acquiring citizenship of a foreign state
are not deemed to be citizens. In case, a student does not have a valid passport,
Adhaar Card along with a declaration attested by a Class I gazetted officer can be
submitted as proof of nationality.

5. Current SITARE Partner:

Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI),
Ahmedabad is the current SITARE Partner.

Contact details of SRISTI:
SRISTI, AES Boys Hostel Campus,
Near Gujarat University Library & SBI Bank,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380 009, Gujarat, India.
Email: [email protected]
Phone. 079-27913293, 27912792


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