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Govt SERB SUPRA Research Grant Announcement

Dear Biotecnikans, SERB (Science and Engineering Research Board ) has recently announced the start of a new scheme called SERB SUPRA (Scientific and Useful Profound Research Advancement). It’s a new initiative and we recommend that you have a look and see how best you can make use of it. Stay tuned to receive updates when the call is announced.

Science and Engineering Research Board
(Scientific and Useful Profound Research Advancement)

SERB has developed a Recently approved a scheme that seeks to explore new scientific Breakthroughs, together with long-term impact on our fundamental scientific understanding, and offer Disruptive technologies at the cutting edge. SERB-SUPRA (Scientific and Useful Profound Research Advancement) is a scheme beyond normal core grants and intentionally designed For top-quality proposals consisting of new hypothesis or challenge existing ones, and provide ‘out-of-box’ options. Transformative and disruptive research theories based on innovative And unproven hypotheses, owning a high degree of uncertainty, nevertheless having the conviction to Produce a lasting impact across discipline boundaries, qualify for support under SERB-SUPRA.

Most important measures of this scheme are:

  • Quantum of advances (incremental and short terms gains are strongly discouraged)
  • The extent of disruption in basic understanding or impact on outstanding research Grand challenges new areas, new concepts, new products, new disruptive Technology.
  • The ability of research results in advancing scientific understanding of this cutting edge at the international level and/or the emergence of critical technologies.
  • Global impact, outstanding publications, the advancement of science
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Submissions under SERB-SUPRA could simply be made against the call for proposals, together with public Announcement through SERB online portal and social media. Funding will be provided Generally for a period of 3 years, which might be extended to two years (5 yrs total) as Assessed by an expert committee. The research grant will encompass regular budget heads, apart, from an overhead grant.

It’s envisaged that innovative SUPRA proposals will bring out breakthrough solutions in Identified areas. The success of these proposals will open up new opportunities in S&T and Impact global science not just concerning knowledge, but also in the kind of delivered outcomes.

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