Computer Based CSIR NET Exam By NTA - Pros & Cons Discussed
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Computer Based CSIR NET Exam By NTA – Pros & Cons Discussed

In an official press release, NTA has announced the Exam Schedule for CSIR-UGC NET December 2019 and June 2020. This news has generated a mixed response among peers while some have given a thumbs up others remain skeptical.

Before jumping to conclusions, let’s consider the advantages and challenges Computer based examination (CBT) throws at us.


–> Higher efficiency: The online examination system can be both effective and efficient. The online exam system of CSIR-NET helps to efficiently evaluate the exam thoroughly through a fully automated system which not only saves time but also eliminates the need for monitoring while the exam is being conducted. All the instructions to be followed during the exam are displayed to the exam taker before the exam. The old manual procedure of conducting exams is completely overthrown by automation in the new online exam system of CSIR- NET. In the conventional paper-based exam system, we can’t avoid the possibilities of question papers getting leaked while passing it to different examination centers. This risk can be avoided efficiently with the help of an online exam system for CSIR- NET. This is an open-book type examination where the exam taker is given a limited time to answer all the questions, and after the expiry of the allowed time, the answer paper is disabled automatically. The package of accuracy and security makes the CSIR-NET online exams most desirable.

–> Accurate evaluation: The major advantage of the online exam of CSIR-NET when compared to the conventional paper-based method is that it gives a high level of transparency. It offers students to answer exam in a conveniently secure environment. In an online exam, results are calculated accurately where the computer itself can check the answers. In paper-based examinations, the results are calculated with a lot of evaluation steps involved that are prone to errors.

–> On-time results: The new online examination system of CSIR -NET helps in speeding up the process of conducting exams and even publishing its results at the earliest. When it comes to CSIR-NET online exam, unlike the conventional exam system, result analysis is very easy. This will put an end to the exam taker’s long wait for results where a fixed date of result declaration only is announced beforehand.

–> Green initiative: As CSIR-NET is an online exam from now on, there isn’t any need for printed question papers. It saves paper which in turn saves trees!

–> Easy to modify the answers: In an online exam of CSIR-NET, students will have access to every question during the exam time which allows them to go back to any question at any time within the exam time and change the answers whenever he/she wishes to.

–> No accidental marking of wrong questions in OMR sheet: The biggest advantage of the online NET exam is that you won’t mark a wrong question on the OMR sheet which you didn’t intend to. You have to click the option online on a computer without wasting any extra time in darkening the bubble of the OMR sheet.

–> Easy to go back and forth questions: You can always go back and check a particular question you are not sure of. It is now easier to change the answer to a particular question in case you want to change your answer later.

–> No way to cheat – talent will be identified: Switching to the online exam will leave no room for cheating or impersonation as it has been reported to take place earlier.
Hassle-free procedure- Writing your roll number, darkening it on the OMR sheet was a daunting task especially before the starting of the exam. Thanks to the online entrance exam students won’t have to go through this procedure and will have more time to concentrate on the exam itself!

–> Will produce computer-friendly researchers – Carrying out Research involves the use of computers and Softwares, a skill which is necessary for scientists today. The online exam will help build a pool of computer-friendly researchers.

–> More Number of exam centers – It will be now convenient for faraway small city students to attempt the exam as more number of centers are allotted by NTA to take up the computer-based online test.



–> Students not comfortable with computers will face a challenge: The first exam may throw a lot of challenges to students who do not hold a strong fort when it comes to computers! The smallest of mistakes can lead to panicky situations.

–> Students may face technical difficulties during the exam– However, prepared we are certain technical issues may spring up anytime. Be it server issue or system breakdown, We can only hope these unavoidable circumstances do not hamper the student’s confidence!

–> No hard copy question paper hence a student cannot review their performance– Previously the students could anytime evaluate their performance through the question papers after the exams. Now the chances for self-evaluation are nil due to the computer-based examination.

–> Without the hardcopy question paper, the student cannot contest– The discrepancies regarding the Questions and the answer keys can no longer be challenged as the candidates will be deprived of Question Papers and the answer keys. This might create conflicts in the results

–> In the absence of adequate practice, students may get confused and mark wrong answers: As it is the first time CSIR NET is being conducted online, many students might face difficulty in getting accustomed to the Computer-based test. Lack of practice and the pressure built up during the exams can lead to students committing mistakes, marking the wrong answers which will ultimately lead to a loss in time. This can only be overcome continuous practice and proper time management skills

–> Accidental submission can lead to loss of attempt: As it is in human nature to commit mistakes, accidentally submitting the paper without attempting or reviewing the answers can be a loss to the student, an opportunity lost.

–> Insubordination can happen here as well: As NTA is yet to announce any biometric identification systems in the exam centers, we can still expect insubordination and cheating attempts.

After carefully analyzing all the pros and cons we can say that Computer Based exam definitely has more advantages. The step taken by CSIR and NTA can definitely produce more skilled, talented researchers in India, Only time will tell how it is received by the people.

What are your opinions on the upcoming computer-based CSIR NET examination? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I think they should give options to students to give the exam either in offline Or online mode they must not force A student to give exam in online mode only it’s wrong.

  2. I have cleared NTA UGC net this year and the body is conducting our exam since 2018… They separately issue your answers with question and then official answer key… There is transparency in every step… So there’s no need to panic that we don’t get the questions paper, we forgot what we had marked …. There is no such pity issues

    • Hi everyone ,
      Actually it will very good concept for UGC Net exam,now a days every exams r becoming in online mode so there will accuracy in checking and calculating answers..

      Thanks for innovation of this.

  3. I think exam shouldn’t be online or NTA have to give choice of either online or offline. Already the CSIR NET exam is so difficult to crack and after making it computer based,it becomes more difficult. In offline exam students have the opportunity to see and understand each and every question easily.

  4. I think exam shouldn’t be online or NTA have to give choice of either online or offline. Already the CSIR NET exam is so difficult to crack and after making it computer based,it becomes more difficult. In offline exam students have the opportunity to see and understand each and every question easily.

  5. Keeping in view different age groups appearing for exam reading in such abright light of screen stood a barrier effecting eyes to recall the studied matter in marking the correct answers.the method of studies so far can’t match the online exam .off line was good.

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