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Trevor Martin CEO & Co-founder, Mammoth Biosciences

Voice of Biotecnika | Episode No – 42

In today’s world where diseases have become the best friend and continuous companion to humans for various lifestyle and environmental reasons, there is a huge need for its fast detection and treatment. Imagine the way google searches and finds information on the web, a machine searching and finding disease in your DNA or RNA. This has become real by the magnificent work done by Mammoth Biosciences.

The company which is behind the world’s first CRISPR-based disease detection platform has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the earliest priority patents for CRISPR collateral cleavage diagnostic systems.

The US Patents cover comprehensive techniques that enable Mammoth to now offer DNA and RNA detection and are the first-of-their-kind granted in CRISPR diagnostics.

Biotecnika is honored to get an opportunity to interact with Trevor Martin CEO & Cofounder of Mammoth Biosciences and understand his journey and vision for this revolutionary bioscience product.

In conversation with Trevor Martin, Co-founder & CEO of Mammoth Biosciences

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Trevor Martin CEO Mammoth

Earlier this month, Mammoth Biosciences – which introduced World’s first CRISPR-based disease

detection platform, announced that they have been granted earliest priority patents for CRISPR collateral cleavage diagnostic systems by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). As per the US patents, The US Patents (No 10,253,365; No 10,337,051) Mammoth can now offer DNA and RNA detection and are the first-of-their-kind granted in CRISPR diagnostics. The recognition solidifies Mammoth’s leadership in this up-and-coming space.

The licenses, released in cooperation with UC Berkeley, mark a pivotal turning point in the current CRISPR IP battle.

Comparable to exactly how Google searches as well as discovers information on tFhe web, Mammoth’s system leverages the power of CRISPR to look as well as discover DNA or RNA that are indicative of illness. The firm aims to leverage this innovation to equalize illness detection, with a vision to establish easy, affordable, as well as efficient tests that can be used in a range of layouts from main labs and point-of-care setups such as hospitals and clinics to also allowing making use of these types of diagnostics at home.

“We launched Mammoth with the intention of addressing a much needed affordable, scalable, and high-quality platform for diagnostics and these patents takes us one step further in achieving that goal,” explained Trevor Martin CEO Mammoth Bioscience. “These patents aid us in accelerating the development of our commercial product and open new doors for partners to build upon our CRISPR-enabled platform for applications in diagnostics and beyond. We were very excited to see how quickly these patents issued, which demonstrates their importance and fundamental contributions to the field.”

Beyond healthcare, Mammoth is developing tests and partnering with others to explore applications in a wide range of industries, such as agriculture, oil and gas, and forensics, and these patents are major wins for the company’s novel detection platform.

Biotecnika Thank’s Mr.Trevor for sharing the inspiring story behind his spectacular work, which will definitely inspire a lot of researchers across the world.

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