ICGEB-DIC-MOST International Fellowship Programme

ICGEB-DIC-MOST International Fellowship Programme (IFP)

The notification for the ICGEB-DIC-MOST International Fellowship Programme which is a life sciences short term program has been announced. Interested candidates can check out all of the details on the scheme, the overview, application details, financial stability, timelines and all of the important links are given below:

This call expires in :

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The ICGEB-DIC-MOST International Fellowship Program (IFP) provides competitive Short-term Fellowships in Life Sciences to highly motivated scientists from the eligible ICGEB Member States wishing to pursue postgraduate research in China. The Program encourages the mobility of researchers to prestigious Chinese labs for a period of 6 or 12 months, to benefit from the expertise and technologies available in the receiving laboratories.

Guidelines for Application

Program scope

The International Fellowship Program (IFP) is a new initiative established by the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) and the Department of International Cooperation of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (DIC-MOST). The IFP Call is managed by the China National Center for Biotechnology Development (CNCBD) together with the aid of the ICGEB.

The IFP is targeted at promoting the training of scientists and researchers from developing nations and

emerging economies, especially in Asia, Africa and nations engaged in the Belt and Road initiatives. The Program supports short term fellowships of scientists from qualified ICGEB Member States in these regions as listed below (see Eligibility section) to prestigious Chinese labs as a means of improving skill development, obtaining specific hands-on training in technology available in the receiving lab and increasing bilateral cooperation in science and technology between China and the applicable ICGEB Member State.

The listing of Chinese Partnering Institutes such as a short description of hosting Research Groups is available at: IFP — Partnering Institutes in China. Partnering Institutes in China have now been identified as one of acceptable internationally-oriented high excellent research centres. Every Partnering Institute has signed a Partnership Agreement with the CNCBD outlining obligations towards fellows and scholarship administration.

How to apply:

As a first step, applicants must contact the Principal Investigators (PI) in the Partnering Institute of their choice to define together the research project proposal which will be submitted for evaluation. Applications should outline the effect for the fellow’s career, the benefit to the home lab as well as also the suitability of the receiving lab. Proposed projects should reveal clear signs of strong collaborative potential between the originating lab and the Chinese lab of destination.

The Partnering Institute will provide the applicant with a”work consent” letter to state its willingness and capacity to host the fellow (both in terms of available lab space and administrative/logistics/insurance obligations undertaken). The”work-consent” declaration ought to be submitted by the applicant as part of her/his application documents.

The application is to be completed online in line with the guidelines and application form below by the deadline of 30 September 2019.


According to the rules of the “Young Talented Scientist Program” financed by the Chinese MOST, the Call is open only to nationals of the following countries:

  • Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • Africa: Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, United Republic of Tanzania
  • Asia: Bangladesh, India, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam
  • Middle East: Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey
  • Central America & Caribbean: Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Panama
  • South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Applicants must have received a PhD degree; in the event of equivalent scientific merit, preference is granted to applicants with postdoctoral experience.

Applicants wish to spend 6 or 12 months at a partnering research institute in China.

No age limit applies. Nevertheless, in the event of equal scientific merit, preference is given to younger and/or female scientists.

Terms and benefits:

Fellowships are awarded for periods of 6 or 12 months. Any requests for alternative durations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The fellowships cover the stipends of the fellows and are awarded in the context of this Chinese”Talented Young Scientist Program”. The financing standard is fixed at a monthly stipend of 12,500 RMB Yuan (approximately 2,000 USD/month before taxation ) to cover the cost of housing and living expenses. The fellowship stipend will be paid through bank transfer straight to the bank account of this Partnering Institute in which the fellow works. Travel costs aren’t covered by the fellowship. Travel expenses shall be borne by the fellow or by the Partnering Institute, to be agreed.

The Partnering Institute in China will provide health insurance, adequate laboratory space and setup, in addition to lab consumables and help the fellows together with visa/permit of stay processes and any mandatory administrative issue. Partnering Institutes will also offer help to the fellows for accommodation and logistics.

The IFP is financed in the context of this”Talented Young Scientist Program” financed by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). The rules of the Program will apply.

The ICGEB/CNCBD can’t make financial provision or provide any administrative support for family members wanting to accompany successful applicants.

Selection process:

The ICGEB Fellowships Selection Committee will evaluate total applications received by the closing date and then shortlist the best candidates on the grounds of scientific merit. Final selections will then be made by the CNCBD Selection Committee and the China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC).

The final decision on awards will be taken by the CNCBD/CSTEC based on national priorities depending on the shortlist of applicants provided by the ICGEB.

CNCBD will notify both chosen and rejected applicants by email the moment the selection process is concluded.

For further information
ICGEB Fellowships Office
ICGEB Trieste
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Deadline for Applications: 30 September 2019


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