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GATE 2020 Workshop By Biotecnika – Watch Complete Recording

With hardly 6 months left in hand, many students have begun to worry about their preparations for GATE – 2020. To ease the anxiety, Biotecnika Info Labs Pvt. Ltd., successfully held a 2 hr workshop on the 18th July 2019. The online workshop comprised of various tips and tricks discussed by domain experts with special emphasis on time management, smart study tips, reference books required and question pattern analysis. It saw amazing participation of over 850 aspiring students. The discussion surrounded GATE – BT followed by GATE-XL.

The GATE 2020 Workshop began with an inspirational talk by Mr. Shekhar Suman, CEO and Managing Director of Biotecnika, and was warmly greeted by the very enthusiastic and interactive crowd. The students were motivated by the words of experience and were informed about how Biotecnika could help them leap the scary pit, with success. The first expert to be called upon was Dr. Tanushree, who discussed the Tips and Tricks for clearing the General Aptitude and General Science portion of the exam. Approximately 15% weightage is assigned to this group and students can easily secure in this section with regular practice. The syllabus, type of questions asked and books they can refer for this section were discussed.

The second informative talk in GATE 2020 workshop by Biotecnika was given by Mrs. Rashmi, who spoke about GATE BT(Biotechnology) subunits – engineering mathematics, recombinant DNA technology, and plant and animal biotechnology. The students were told about the important topics from each subunit such as matrices and determinants, limit and continuity, Laplace transforms, statistics, Simpson’s rule and many more from engineering mathematics. The cDNA library, site-directed mutagenesis, vectors, cDNA library, southern and northern blotting, restriction mapping are the topics that students can majorly focus during their preparation from Recombinant DNA Technology. In-plant and animal biotechnology, preparation of topics such as secondary metabolites, animal cell, Hybridoma technology, culture media, techniques will be beneficial.

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Up next was a session in Gate 2020 workshop, Biotecnika, was by  Dr. Sunita. She provided an insight on general biotechnology, like what sections are included in it such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Analytical Technology, Immunology, and Bioinformatics. Each section was discussed in detail, providing information on important topics such as bioenergetics from biochemistry,  cell cycle from cell biology, cell signaling, techniques such as chromatography from where the experiment-based question can be asked, Bioprocess engineering and biotechnology, Kinetics of microbial growth, aeration and Agitation. Students were also guided for the books they can refer for these sections.

Dr. Preeti enlightened the students about preparation strategies for the Gate XL (Life Sciences) along with the discussion on the questions from previous exam papers. She emphasized on subjects like biochemistry, microbiology, and Zoology. She shared the tricks to solve the numerical questions based on pH and buffer which often leave the students not belonging to biochemistry background into a state of panic. She delivered crucial information during GATE 2020 workshop on other imperative topics like biomolecules and the percentage of expected questions asked from them. That assist the aspirants to assign priorities to topics during GATE preparation. Standard reference books were mentioned to eliminate any dilemma during the study hours. She gave insightful information about the topics like chromatography, protein metabolism, and enzymes which are extremely significant not only in the eyes of GATE preparation but also for CSIR NET.

Next session, in GATE 2020 Workshop by Biotecnika, was Dr. Priya Baid who continued about the preparation criteria for .subjects like chemistry, botany and Food technology. Expected weight of questions from key topics like atomic structure, ionic and chemical bonding, VSEPR theory, chemical equilibrium, reaction Kinetics was discussed. She imparted tricks to understand and memorize the periodic table. The students who do not belong to chemistry background can certainly be profited by having awareness about the topics which may be accentuated during the course of study. A glimpse was given on the topics to be covered from Botany and food technology along with the type of questions being asked in the examination.

With this, the GATE 2020 Workshop by Biotecnika was concluded successfully with the aim of helping all the GATE aspirants with their preparations.

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