BIRAC BIG - Biotechnology Ignition Grant
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BIRAC BIG – Biotechnology Ignition Grant of Up to INR 5 Million

BIRAC has officially announced Call for Biotechnology Ignition Grant. Entrepreneurs which include scientists, graduates, research scholars, faculty etc are encouraged to apply for the BIRAC Biotechnology Ignition Grant. You can get Grant-In-Aid up to of Rs. 5 Million. Check out all of the details on the same below:

This call expires in :

-60Days -4Hours -50Minutes -53Seconds


Biotechnology Industry Research
Assistance Council
(A Govt. of India Enterprise)

BIG is the flagship programme of BIRAC, which offers the right admixture of fuel and assistance to young startups and entrepreneurial individuals. BIG is the biggest early-stage biotech financing programme in India. Funding grant of up to INR 5 Million (USD 70,000 approx) to best in class innovative ideas to build and refine the idea to proof-of-concept.


  • The call for proposal is announced twice a year, i.e. on 1st January and 1st July. Call for proposals normally stays open for approximately 45 days.
  • The BIG Scheme is currently managing via 8 BIG Partners around the country who works together with the Ignition grantees (BIG Innovators) to provide mentoring, monitoring, networking and other business development related activities.


  • Foster generation of ideas with commercialisation potential
  • Upscale and validate proof of concept
  • Encourage researchers to take technology closer to market via a startup
  • Stimulate enterprise formation.
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Included in this scheme, successful BIG Innovators receive up to INR 50 lakh (USD 70,000 approx) for research projects with commercialization potential with a duration of up to 18 months.

Who can apply? (Eligibility criteria)

  1. The individual applicant should be an Indian citizen (defined in section 14).
  2. The primary applicant should be the Project Leader (as per Section 7.1 below) who meets the eligibility requirements mentioned below.
  3. The applicant has to be physically incubated (see section 14) in an incubator (defined in section 14). At the time of application, the applicant needs to minimally
    identify his/her preferred incubator and produce a letter from the incubator of having initiated discussions on subscribing to incubation services; however, a formal
    acceptance from the incubator will be required before final grant approval.
  4. If the applicant is formally employed (or registered as a student) with a non-profit academic or research organization, then
    • the applicant has to produce a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the head of the
    organization clearly indicating that the organization has policies in place to allow
    the applicant to accept funding support (if successful) as an individual and undertake
    BIG projects in an incubator (defined in section 14) or alternatively, has policies in
    place to allow its employees to create entrepreneurial ventures while in service
    or while in sabbatical leave or while in EOL.
    • Alternatively, the applicant needs to provide an undertaking that he/she plans to terminate his association with the current employer and take up the project full time in the event of a grant approval. A resignation/ relieving/retirement letter will be needed as supporting document before final approval and release of the grant.
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Project Duration

The funding is provided over a maximum period of 18 months in instalments against agreed milestones. Proposed project duration can range from 15 to 18 months. No request for extension shall be entertained under any circumstance.

How to Apply:

  • The applicant needs to submit an online application for funding by registering and logging on the BIRAC website Please note
    that applications are accepted online only.
  • The applicant has to select one of the mentioned BIG Partners in their online
    application form. The BIG Partner shall be responsible for initial eligibility
    checks, screening of applications, due-diligence of shortlisted applicants following the
    Expert Screening Committee (ESC) meeting, signing of necessary agreements, the release of funds and project monitoring besides mentoring the grantees. The applicant is free to choose a BIG Partner as per their convenience.
  • The applicant may need to be incubated in an incubator (see definition in section 14). An exemplary list of incubators is provided in Annexure A3. (Please note that BIG Partner need not be the same as the applicant’s incubator. See definitions in Section 14).
  • Applicants are advised to fill-up and submit their applications early without waiting for the last date in order to avoid any last minute contingencies. The system stops accepting applications automatically at midnight of the last date of receipt of application.
  • Applicants are advised to provide sufficient details in their applications to allow for an
    informed and fair evaluation/review. Applicants are advised to provide self-contained proposals with essential supporting materials provided as uploads.
  • Requests for changes in the proposal once submitted will not be encouraged.
  • Providing incorrect information intentionally is viewed adversely. Annexure A1 has process steps and timelines for the Application Process.
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View FAQs (BIG Scheme) Below

View Guidelines (BIG Scheme) Below

Click here to view Process of Flow (BIG Scheme)

Download Proformas for online submission of proposals (in case of a company) (BIG Scheme) Below

Download Proformas for online submission of proposals (in case of individual) (BIG Scheme) Below

Registration guidelines for BIG Scheme(Company/Individual)

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