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Voice Of Biotecnika – Episode No 34

Can we really measure intelligence accurately? Does a person have any control over their IQ? Certainly some excellent questions for debate. While some just give credit to the genes they inherit, while others believe that they nourish it through their hard work. But whatever may be the case, IQ or Intelligence Quotient is the primary parameter in discussing a person’s mental abilities, for sure.

Welcome to another thrilling episode of Voice of Biotecnika. Yes, our talk today deals with intelligence. Many of you would be amazed to know that even the most genius person uses only 15% of their brain. And these are the people, who have shocked the world with their extraordinary accomplishments. Imagine then, what will it be like when a person will use 30% of their brain!!

Well, we do have such people who we look at with awe. They are so intelligent, that the world perceives it to be an abnormality. Some others consider it as a gift acquired, or born with. So today, at Voice of Biotecnika, let’s have a look at the people who have

gained fame and achieved so much at a small age with their mind-boggling IQ levels, including brilliantly accomplished academics, former child prodigies, etc – Top 10 Most Intelligent People in the world.

Today's Voice of Biotecnika is
Ms. Urmimala Ray, one of the finest faculties at BioTecNika, loved and idealized by a lot of students. Her fluent narration, upgraded knowledge, and hardworking nature are most talked about. She has been an ardent follower of all latest innovations in the field of Bioscience. Her today’s podcast is about Top 10 Most Intelligent People In The World, wherein she has discussed their IQ level & intelligence in detail. You will get to listen to her talk about more such techniques in the future too.

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