SERB Fellowship HRA Hiked
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SERB Fellowship HRA Hiked

As we have already been informed, many fellowships are being revised. The official notification for the National Postdoctoral Fellowship (NPDF) Scheme – Provision for House Rent Allowance has been released. You can check out all of the details on the latest revision and more below:

Subject: National Postdoctoral Fellowship (NPDF) Scheme – Provision for House Rent Allowance

  1. National Postdoctoral Fellows under the SERB – NPDF Scheme has been provided with a research grant of Rs.2.00 lakh per annum in addition to a fellowship of Rs. 55,000/- pm (Rs. 35,000/- p.m for candidates who have submitted the thesis, but degree not awarded). Overheads amounting to Rs.1.00 lakh per annum are provided to the host institute to provide necessary administrative and infrastructural support to the Fellow.

2. The SERB Board has approved a provision to extend House Rent Allowance (HRA) to NPDF fellows as per prescribed rates applicable to Central Government employees.

3. The HRA benefit will take effect from 1st April 2019.

4. This issues with the approval of Secretary, SERB vide Diary No.2280/SERB, dated 3/6/2019.

Details & Notification Below

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