THSTI, AIIMS, IIT-I Scientists Discover New Path To Fight TB
Dr. Amit Kumar of IIT Indore with his colleagues. Photo Credit: India Science Wire
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THSTI, AIIMS, IIT-I Scientists Discover New Path To Fight TB

A group of researchers from IIT Indore, THSTI- Faridabad, AIIMS – New Delhi and the University of Bordeaux – France after analyzing the genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis have identified three novel sites (G-quadruplex motifs) that can be used as drug targets to kill TB.

As we know, DNA is the building block of the genome of any organism and is made up of nucleotides, wherein each nucleotide carry genetic information in nucleobases – A, C, G, T. A genome comprises of multiple combinations of these bases with unique features that are explored by researchers for potential drug development against diseases.

As per recent studies, On sections of genome rich in guanine, nucleobases bond in a group of four called tetrad structures. These tetrads stack up together to form G-quadruplexes that play a key role in the various biological process out of which one is cell replication.

The group of researchers in their study analyzed the role of these G-quadruplexes in three genes of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis namely – espK, espB, and cyp51. These genes are involved in pathways responsible for the virulence determination of the bacteria and ensures its survival within

human cells. After thorough studies, they concluded that targetting these three G-quadruplex could help in decreasing the virulence of the bacteria and will cease its survival in human cells.

The findings of the study were published in the journal Molecular Therapy-Nucleic acid. The team comprised of scientists from all four institutes namely – Subodh Kumar Mishra, Uma Shankar, Neha Jain from IIT Indore, Kriti Sikri, Jaya Sivaswami Tyagi from AIIMS and Jean-Louis Mergny from the University of Bordeaux.

Dr. Amit Kumar of IIT Indore told to India Science Wire that they are currently in the process of screening several small molecules that can be used to target these three genes. They are in hope to find a potential molecule in the future.

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