You Can Now Eat Blue Chapati's For Lunch - NABI Scientists Develop Colored Wheat Lines
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NABI, Mohali Scientists Develop Colored Wheat Lines

How about eating Blue Chapati’s, Purple Biscuits & Rainbow colored noodles next time you have your lunch or Supper? Ohh, it’s very much possible now and it will be much more nutritious than the current ones you intake! All these colored bread packed with health benefits than those created with your ‘ordinary’ amber wheat, can be very soon bought from your nearest grocery store.

Agricultural biotechnologists team at National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute – NABI Mohali headed by Monika Garg has not only developed these new colored wheat types, but they also have moved the technology to businesses, and many partner companies are already in the process of growing them.

It’s very important to mention the normal wheat types contain a minimal quantity of anthocyanins – natural antioxidants present – however, the colored ones are full of them. For example, Black wheat developed contains 28 times more anthocyanins compared to conventional ones.

Health Advantages of Colored Wheat Over the Conventional One’s

Garg stated the colored varieties offer you many health advantages. As per studies done on a mouse at NABI research lab, Black wheat, for example, may help in preventing excess fat deposition and controls glucose

levels. It also improves insulin tolerance and lowers blood cholesterol.

Besides anthocyanins, the new colored wheat types have essential micronutrients such as magnesium and substantial levels of proteins. The elevated amount of antioxidants might help shield against aging, diabetes & obesity. The varieties are developed by means of biotechnology tools that were classic which are employed by plant breeders.

Upon several stages of analysis, the team noticed that the new wheat types adapted well to local climatic conditions and produced satisfactory yield levels. The team has already signed approx 10 MoUs already with companies in different states of India namely Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana & Madhya Pradesh.

Garg added that “we would like to create bakery products additionally from such unconventional types of wheat that are popular amongst consumers, so the advantages of antioxidants can get to the people throughout their favorite cereal”.

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