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Excitonium – The New Form of Matter Discovered By Scientists

Voice of Biotecnika – Episode 30

Hey there! Enjoying listening to the exhilarating Voice of Biotecnika Podcasts? Here we are today, with yet another discussion about an interesting form of matter that has been discovered by physicists! Before we tell you what is that let us first see what is matter and also how many states of matter do you already know!

The matter is a “stuff” of the universe like the atoms, molecules, and ions that make up all physical substances. In simplest words, the matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. That is what we have been studying since we were a kid!

Now, solid, liquid and gas are the three physical states of matter that most people know.
But that’s not it! There are many more … you have. The lesser-known state plasma which consists of highly charged particles with extremely high kinetic energy.

Next Bose-Einstein condensate: it’s a state of matter that occurs very close to absolute zero i.e 0 K. Atoms begin to clump together at this extremely low temperature because the molecular motion almost ceases.

Another one is Quark-gluon plasma: this

state of matter has the highest energy level. It resembles the conditions just after the Universe was created with these building blocks of matter existing in a soup.

Then there is Degenerate matter: which is the highly compressed state of matter which often exists in the cores of massive stars. The core’s gas is super compressed and the primary source of pressure is no longer thermal, but quantum.

And also there are Supersolids and superfluids.

Now comes the time to reveal our newest form of matter and that is “Excitonium” which is pretty exciting just like the other new discoveries of matter has always been a very ecstatic moment for everyone. Listen to the podcast below to know more about it.

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