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Ex-NASA Scientist Who Biohacked Himself With CRISPR Under Scrutiny

Josiah Zayner – a Celebrity Biohacker & an Ex- NASA Scientist gained internet fame last year for performing biohacking experiments on himself, which included a live stream video attempt of editing his own genes using CRISPR. Seems, these stunts are back to haunt Zayner.

California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) in response to a complaint received has sent a legal notice to Zayner for “unlicensed practice of medicine”.

Zayner, popularly known as Scientist Who Biohacked Himself is a Ph.D. degree holder in biochemistry and biophysics. He has been in limelight for performing medical experiments outside of Laboratories. In past he has performed public experiments including a fecal transplant, injecting his arm with CRISPR, attempts to genetically engineer the color of his skin and transplantation of his microbiome. He also is the owner of a company called Odin which sells test biology tests including DIY CRIPSR Kits. Though neither of the biohackers involved with this has been able to produce any notable results related to genetic treatments & advancements.

As per the notice received by Zayner, California’s medical board has asked for his presence for a discussion on 11th June wherein he can bring along his attorney. California medical board laws strictly rule against the practice of medicine without a license. SIf Zayner is found guilty he could be heavily fined or put behind bars for years.

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Zayner in response to the notice wrote on social media, that he has neither asked anyone nor given anyone to inject or use ever and have also not sold anything promising to treat any disease. He added that he knew that this day would come wherein he will be questioned.

Whatever the decision may be, this incident will definitely alert all biohackers around the globe.

We would like to know from our readers what do you think about the Zayner’s Biohacking stunts or about Biohackers and their practices in general. You must express your intellectual opinions in the comments area below.

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  1. They should not be punished yeah its illegal but bcz of their bravery experimnts breakthrough discoveries can be found bdw no body have even dare to do so as they do in my opinion biohackers should be encouraged

  2. A person is owner of his body and therefore has every right over it. Government has absolutely no business with what we do with our bodies.

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