CO2 Levels Hits Highest Ever Alarming Number Of 415.26 ppm

Global Warming will devour the Earth and its people – melting down every bit of what is left – Thanks to Us Humans!

Since ages Scientists have been warning us about increasing CO2 level in our environment and the devastating consequences it can lead to. The horror is all set to come true. Researchers all over have declared Earth on a Red Alert. Carbon Dioxide Levels have hit a Historic Extreme High at 415.26 Parts Per Million.

A group of US scientists at The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii has been tracking the CO2 levels in environments since the 1950s and a few days ago they have recorded it be 415.26 ppm, an all-time high, which means for every million molecule of gas present in the atmosphere – 415 carbon dioxide is present.

During the ice age, Co2 levels were somewhere around 200 ppm but with the onset of the industrial revolution around the 20th century, greenhouse levels recorded in the atmosphere has been alarming and has been a matter of concern for scientists on a global scale.

The situation is such that The Guardian now has suggested the use

of terms like “Climate emergency”, “Climate Crisis- breakdown” to refer this dreadful situation rather than using common soft terms like ‘climatic change’ to sound more scientific and to define the situation appropriately. said the editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner.

Wolfgang Lucht, from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, says that the current CO2 levels are a proof which shows our negligence towards protecting the climate. The numbers have been rising year by year and its high time it needs to be stabilized.

Every time a vehicle engine runs it emits high levels of CO2 which cannot just disappear, it stays in the atmosphere, he further added.

These data can lead to catastrophic consequences which humanity will have to face. Several global scale agreements & methods have been adopted in past years to battle the Global warming issue, but yet we are here with this alarming news. With the entire world busy with either elections or business transactions – one thing we should remember the damage done once to the environment cannot be undone so easily until we step up and really do something about it.

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