Food Inspector Career Scope, Jobs, Eligibility, Salary, Skills Required

Food Inspector Career Scope, Jobs, Eligibility, Salary, Skills Required

The Food Industry is a broad sector and certainly can offer a variety of careers Options for Life Science candidates. Food Industry is one such field in which opportunities are never going to decline neither it is now, nor in the future. A career in the Food Industry means you can either work as Food Scientist, Food Technologist, Food Lawyer or a Food production manager – the list is endless. Out of all a Food Inspector Career tops the charts – both in terms of Job Availability & Future Scope.

A career in food inspection is where you can find that ideal endeavor of job advancement potential and sense of ensuring the safety of the community. If you are a graduate with Life sciences degree and seeking a job in public health / Food Industry, this article is a must read for you. But before taking this route veered to be a Food inspector, one must be aware of the accountabilities a Food Inspector holds.

What are the responsibilities of a Food inspector?

  • A food inspector is responsible for certifying health codes in companies engaged in producing various consumables, falling under any category ranging from restaurants to food manufacturing plants.
  • He ensures the food being produced by food manufacturers, distributors and processors undergo the licensed protocols of storage, handling, processing, and sanitation, so as its quality is not compromised.
  • He monitors the quality and hygiene of ingredients and equipment being used along with a compilation of the place to quality guidelines where the products are being processed.
  • He also ensures appropriate labeling descriptions on the consumables being marketed
  • He extends support in an escalation of business by making them comply with national or international health and safety standards.
  • He holds a good knowledge of laws and legal terms related to safe handling of food items making it appropriate for consumption.
  • Besides carrying inspections, a food inspector hunts for possible sources of contamination if any and evaluates the reasons that may put the general public in any kind of risk.
  • Food inspectors may be responsible for keeping close vigilance on slaughterhouses and poultry farms by inspecting that animals being slaughtered are free from any deadly diseases or infections.
  • He may contribute to imparting education to violators for rectification.
  • Lastly, He documents the course of action and reports any violations if witnessed to the regulatory authorities.

Eligibility for becoming a Food Inspector 

– Eligibility requirements may vary by position and program, the underlying general requirements can be considered by an aspiring candidate.

– Bachelor’s degree/ BE or B.Tech in Chemistry / Biochemistry / Food Technology / Food Science / Edible Oil Technology / Microbiology / Industrial Microbiology / Dairy Technology / Agricultural or horticultural Sciences / Toxicology / Public Health / Life Science / Biotechnology / Medicine or Veterinary Sciences / Fisheries or Animal Sciences.

– PG Diploma of minimum one-year duration in Food Safety or Food Science or Food Processing or Quality Assurance from the Food Industry or Dietetic and Public Health or Nutrition or Dairy Science or Bakery Science or Post Harvest Technology from a Govt.Recognized University/ Institute with a condition that must have studied any one of the subjects mentioned in above point in their Bachelor’s degree level.

– A Masters Degree in Chemistry / Biochemistry / Food Technology or Food Science / Edible Oil Technology / Microbiology / Dairy Technology / Agricultural Science / horticultural Sciences / Industrial Microbiology / Toxicology / Life Science / Biotechnology or Food Safety & Quality Assurance.

– Doctorate Degree in any of the aforesaid subjects

GATE / CSIR NET / ICAR NET Qualifications are also desirable to get into the job of a Food Inspector via direct recruitment by any of the Govt Organizations.


  • The aspiring candidate must be in between 18 -25 years of age. Although age criteria differ in various exams held.
  • He/ she must be a permanent resident of India.
  • Candidates having training in various Food Safety certification programs are generally preferred.

Skills you need to turn into a competent Food Inspector


  • Strong in Instrument Handling
  • Handle a variety of instruments based on the requirement
  • Must have computer proficiency and be able to handle software like MS
  • Word/Excel/PowerPoint for compiling reports
  • Must have the report writing ability
  • Must be able to defend one’s report in case of legal proceedings


  • Strong communication skills
  • Able to clearly and critically specify the analysis in an unbiased manner with precision and with experimental support
  • Have good decision-making skills, in order to take swift action post analysis.
  • Be a good observer, orator and strong in literary skills
  • Systematic thinking – to choose which technique to use for required analysis
  • Aware of the latest analytical methodologies
  • Critical Thinking – Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
  • Judgment and Decision Making – Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one


  • Strong vision for detecting minor characteristic changes in food items during inspection
  • Able to focus on details and analyze in detail and depth
  • Have a strong stomach, experienced tasting skills (as there may be a wide variety of food source offered for tasting and testing.
  • Be able to work standing/sitting for long hours
  • Be comfortable with traveling to various sites for work


  • Thorough knowledge about food laws and principles
  • Knowledge about Legal Proceedings
  • Detailed knowledge of food safety and quality
  • Detailed knowledge of laboratory handling and rules
  • Aware of required sanitation, hygiene and pest control practices
  • Be strong in General knowledge and General Aptitude
  • Valid certification and have eligible course subject background

FSSAI Exam – FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Exam

Importance of FSSAI Exam For a Food Inspector Career

It is a qualifying exam conducted by FSSAI for in-service candidates to sign the analytical report of food products of FSSAI notified Food testing laboratory for legal purposes. Writing this exam will provide an additional advantage to your dream career as a Food Inspector. FSSAI conducts this examination annually. It provides certification under two categories Junior Food Analyst and Food Analyst for freshers and experienced candidates having three years experience respectively. This is to emphasize that passing this examination doesn’t ensure any job guarantee but you certainly get the benefit of preference as a food analyst in any of the food testing labs.

This year FSSAI Exam will be tentatively conducted in 2nd or 3rd week of July 2019.

More Details About FSSAI Food Analyst Exam 2019 Can be found here

Besides providing this opportunity of becoming the owner of food analyst certificate FSSAI performs direct recruitment of many posts like Technical Officer, Central Food Safety Officer, Food Inspector which it advertises on its official website – also you can check out the details about FSSAI Jobs at Biotecnika.

Qualifying Entrance Exams For Becoming a Food Inspector at Govt Level

Now if you are assertive that you own all those qualities which may turn you into a proficient Food Inspector, it is the time to decide whether you want to offer your duties at a state level or national level.

Many government organizations such as USFDA and U.S. Food and Drug Administration abroad, and other state and country government agencies are involved in employing food inspectors. Some states even offer inspector trainee programs for candidates with a blend of education and work experience.

Some of the reputed Food Inspector / Food Safety Officer Exam Conducted by the Govt of India are listed below:

Food Inspector Salary

  • The starting average Salary of a Food Inspector Career ranges from Rs 35,000/- pm to Rs 40,000 pm.
  • If you qualify any of the Govt Exams conducted for Food Inspector Recruitment the starting pay package is Rs 37,000/- pm + HRA.
  • With Experience and the duration, you spend in the industry the average salary can go as high as Rs 2 Lakh pm at managerial positions in Govt organizations.

Food Inspector Career Scope

With intertwining of global food chain auditing process, increasing pressure to enhance food safety, more and more emphasis on food safety regulations by various national and international regulatory agencies, the streamlining of the inspections has emerged as one of the concerns among establishments involved in food processing. To strengthen it, the demand for food inspectors is vigorously growing in India.

Although presently the government sector is liable in employing the food inspectors, both state and federal agencies recruit food inspectors. However one may explore opportunities with private companies as well. Food inspectors employed engage in inspecting both the government-owned units as well as privately owned food processing establishments. To rationalize the audits and ensuring compliance with food regulatory guidelines, the requirement for food inspectors is rising proportionally.

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