Summer Internship Programme 2019

Summer Internship Programme 2019

Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, Summer Internship 2019, Summer Internship Programme – 2019. Biotechnology Summer Internship Programme 2019 notification has been released. You can check out all of the details on the eligibility, duration of internship and the apply online link below:

This call expires in :

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Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission
Summer Internship 2019
Summer Internship Programme – 2019

1. Objective:

To facilitate on-project Industrial training & capacity building of students pursuing B.E.
(BT)/M.Sc. Biotechnology and allied areas of Biotechnology for one month.

2. Who can apply?

i. M.Sc. Biotechnology and allied areas (First Year completed)
ii. B.E. (BT) (Fourth and Sixth Semester completed)

3. Duration of Internship Programme:

1 Month, during Summer Vacation. Most probable date of start of the summer internship is 01st May 2019.

4. Stipend to student:

No stipend will be provided to the applicant student.

5. Training Support to the Trainer Companies:

GSBTM will pay an amount of Rs. 2,500/- per student to the trainer companies

6. Method of Selection and allotment of applicants:

All the applications received before the due date will be screened for eligibility. If found eligible, candidates will be invited for examination and/or allotted companies based on merit

and/or location. The decision of the selection process will be decided based on the number of applications, and the decision of the Mission Director, GSBTM, will be final and binding to all.

7. Syllabus for the Entrance Test:

i. Biochemistry: Biomolecules-structure and functions; Biological membranes,
structure, action potential and transport processes; Enzymes- classification,
kinetics and mechanism of action; Basic concepts and designs of metabolism
(carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and nucleic acids) photosynthesis, respiration
and electron transport chain; Bioenergetics

ii. Microbiology: Viruses- structure and classification; Microbial classification and
diversity (bacterial, algal and fungal); Methods in microbiology; Microbial growth
and nutrition; Aerobic and anaerobic respiration; Nitrogen fixation; Microbial
diseases and host-pathogen interaction

iii. Cell Biology: Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure; Cell cycle and cell growth
control; Cell-Cell communication, Cell signalling and signal transduction

iv. Molecular Biology and Genetics: Molecular structure of genes and chromosomes;
Mutations and mutagenesis; Nucleic acid replication, transcription, translation and
their regulatory mechanisms in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; Mendelian
inheritance; Gene interaction; Complementation; Linkage, recombination and
chromosome mapping; Extrachromosomal inheritance; Microbial genetics (plasmids, transformation, transduction, conjugation); Horizontal gene transfer and
Transposable elements; RNA interference; DNA damage and repair; Chromosomal
variation; Molecular basis of genetic diseases.

v. Immunology: History of Immunology; Innate, humoral and cell-mediated
immunity; Antigen; Antibody structure and function; Molecular basis of antibody
diversity; Synthesis of antibody and secretion; Antigen-antibody reaction;
Complement; Primary and secondary lymphoid organ; B and T cells and
macrophages; Major histocompatibility complex (MHC); Antigen processing and
presentation; Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody; Regulation of immune
response; Immune tolerance; Hypersensitivity; Autoimmunity; Graft versus host

vi. Logical Reasoning: Series Completion, Coding and Decoding, Blood Relation,


1. For any query other than mentioned above, you can contact at [email protected]
or can call at 079-23252197 (Ext. 67).
2. The decision taken from this office from time to time regarding this programme is binding to candidates.

Important Dates:

  1. Application Start Date: 01st March 2019
  2. Last Date of Application 15th April 2019
  3. List of eligible candidates on GSBTM website – Will be intimated through Email to selected candidates.
  4. Last date for clarification about eligibility – Will be intimated through Email to selected candidates.
  5. Examination date – Will be intimated through Email to selected candidates.
  6. Joining Date in Industries – Will be intimated through Email to selected candidates.

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