ICGEB PhD Fellowships Life Sciences

ICGEB PhD Fellowships Life Sciences

The notification for the Life Sciences Arturo Falaschi PhD Fellowships 2019 has been announced. Interested candidates can check out all of the details on the scheme, the overview, application details, financial stability, timelines and all of the important links are given below:

This call expires in :

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Arturo Falaschi PhD Fellowships

ICGEB provides competitive Pre-doctoral Fellowships in Life Sciences to highly encouraged scientists wanting to pursue PhD research studies within a world-class scientific atmosphere. Fellowships include participation in a competitive research programme, accessibility to advanced facilities, participation in ICGEB Meetings, Seminars and Journal Clubs and a competitive stipend, and full coverage of tuition fees and health insurance.

To Apply: Applicants must contact the ICGEB Group Leader/PI of the choice with a motivation letter, to ascertain the availability of lab space and also to specify the research project proposal which will form an essential component of the application.

Eligibility: Applicants should be nationals of an ICGEB Member State. Nationals of both India and South Africa, ICGEB Host Countries, Aren’t eligible to apply for ICGEB Fellowships within their home nation.

Degree requirements:

  • Applicants for ICGEB Trieste must hold a BSc (Honours) degree; applicants for ICGEB Cape Town and New Delhi must hold an MSc degree.
  • Candidates need a fantastic working knowledge of the English language, supported by a proficiency certificate (TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate( or equal ). Not mandatory when scholastic education was undertaken in English.
  • Candidates for Trieste, Italy has to be under age 32 years at the time of application (i.e. date of birth following 31/03/1987). There’s no age limitation for applications such as ICGEB New Delhi and Cape Town.

Fiscal support:

Duration: 3 years PhD course together with the possibility of 1-year expansion.

Monthly stipend: Trieste (Italy): Euro 1,300, New Delhi (India): US$ 1,020, Cape Town (South Africa): ZAR 12,500.

Travel: the fellowship includes provision for travel expenses from the student’s home country to the ICGEB laboratory at the beginning of the fellowship along with a return travel provision upon completion of the fellowship.

Medical health insurance coverage is provided for the duration of the fellowship.

The university tuition fee is covered for the entire PhD registration period.

Visa/permit of stay application and renewal costs are reimbursed.

Support for participation in Meetings and Courses Is Usually provided by the Group Leader / PI.

ICGEB makes no financial provision, nor can it provide administrative support for family members of participants in the programme.

Submission: Please complete this application online. Additionally, please upload one pdf document comprising all requested attachments (see application form below).


All submitted applications will be transmitted to the respective ICGEB Liaison Officer in the country of which you are a national for endorsement. The endorsement is a basic necessity for the Fellowship to be awarded. The ICGEB Fellowships Selection Committee will evaluate endorsed and complete applications received by the closing date. The principal criteria for selection include scientific excellence of this project, the qualities of the candidate’s CV and potential benefit for your home country. The candidates will be notified of this outcome by email when possible following the final date for applications.

Accommodation ICGEB Trieste: A Housing Service is conducted via the Welcome Office — Friuli Venezia Giulia. For more information please visit http://www.icgeb.org/trieste-housing.html

  • ICGEB New Delhi: A Guest House is run on campus, on a twin-share basis, for a nominal rate.
  • ICGEB Cape Town: Accommodation service is given to fellows. Arrangements have consented prior arrival.


Closing Date for Applications: 31 March

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