IIT Delhi PhD Admissions

IIT Delhi PhD Admissions

The official notification for the IIT Delhi PhD Research Admissions 2019-2020 has been released. Interested and eligible candidates are requested to check out all of the details on the same below:

This call expires in :

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The award of the PhD degree is in recognition of high achievements, independent research, and application of scientific knowledge to the solution of technical and scientific problems. The creative and productive inquiry is the basic concept underlying the research work. The details of research programmes in various Departments/ Centres/ Schools are given in Annexure-I.

Admission to the PhD Programmes: Admission to the PhD programmes is normally made on the basis of an interview of eligible candidates conducted by the Department/Centre/School concerned, through its Department Research Committee (DRC) / Centre Research Committee (CRC)/ School Research Committee
(SRC). DRC/CRC/SRC may decide to conduct a written test as well, or multiple interviews, or other ways or testing, in order to screen the candidates. Applications are invited from candidates by advertising the programmes in Employment News/web portals in March for the first semester and in October for the second semester every year.

Duration of the programmes: Minimum period of registration required for students with M.Tech. or equivalent qualifications are 2 years whereas those with B. Tech. or equivalent qualifications 3 years. All candidates are allowed a maximum of 7 years for submission of their theses.

Department of Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology [Code BEZ]

Microbial and Enzyme Engineering: Analysis and design of microbial and enzyme reactors for production of industrially important products such as biofuels, industrial enzymes, biopolymers, organic solvents, biofertilizers and biopesticides etc.; development of biosensors for detection of various analytes; the Whole cell catalyzed biotransformations.

Bioseparation and Downstream Processing: Membrane based separation processes, chromatographic separation processes, Membrane processes for water recycle.
Metabolic engineering: Application of metabolic engineering principles for the development of cell factories for the production of important metabolites including renewable chemicals and therapeutic compounds.

Animal and plant cell culture: Development of cell culture techniques for cultivation of plant and animal cells in specialized reactors for production of therapeutic compounds.

Environmental Biotechnology: The development of reactors and processes for stabilization of organic and industrial wastes; Laccase engineering for treatment of textile effluents; Effect of environmental factors on microbial community dynamics.

Biochemistry and molecular biology: Industrial enzymes, development of recombinant clones for overproduction of enzymes and metabolites, development of expression systems in bacteria and yeasts, Human therapeutics production in yeast, bioenergetics and biological molecular machines, Nanoparticle-based drug delivery and protein-based nanodevices, cancer biology, microRNA biology.

Bioinformatics and Genomics: Genome editing with programmable nucleases; analysis and interpretation of next-generation sequencing data; traditional home-medicine and cancer big data analysis.

Biophotonics: Development of fluorescence and optical imaging methods for the detection of single molecules to the whole cell. Application of these methods for biosensing of pathogenic microbes and cancer cells.

Application Procedure:

Submission of Application is only through online procedure. Candidates are NOT required to send hard copy of the application form and bank challan. Online submission of the application form may be made by accessing the Institute website <http://www.iitd.ac.in/pgadmission>. Candidates belonging to General/OBC category are required to pay for each application form a fee of Rs. 200/- and the candidates belonging to SC/ST/PH categories are required to pay Rs. 50/-. The bank charges will be borne
by the candidate.

Refund of Fees:

The whole amount of fees/other charges deposited by the students will be refundable after deduction of Rs.1,000/- if the candidates do not join the programme after paying the dues and leave the Institute by applying for a refund on or before the date of registration. On resignation after registration, only the security deposit will be refunded.

For refund of fees and/or security deposit the student must apply on the prescribed form available from the P.G. Section, IIT Delhi or the Institute Website: http://www.iitd.ac.in.

Important Dates:

  1. Submission of online application commences on: March 09, 2019 (12.00 noon)
  2. Last date for submission of online application and application fee: March 30, 2019 (04.00 pm)
  3. The range of dates for Test / Interview: May 10, 2019 – June 07, 2019
  4. Date of Orientation and Registration for new students on: July 19-20, 2019
  5. Commencement of classes: July 22, 2019

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