Now Hair Can Be Used to Detect Vitamin D Levels Apart From Blood
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Now Hair Can Be Used to Detect Vitamin D Levels Apart From Blood

With over a billion people estimated to be affected, vitamin D deficiency a risk factor for depression, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, diabetes, and cancer has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. To Cure the effects of low vitamin D Researchers in London have found that vitamin D can now be measured by human hair, paving the way for improved diagnosis.

Vitamin D levels are captured by blood analysis method at a single time point, in contrast, hair, which grow at approximately 1 centimeter a month, which might reflect vitamin D status over several months.
Associate Professor Lina Zgaga from Trinity College Dublin said, their study shows that vitamin D is being deposited continuously in the hair as it grows, more of it might be deposited at times when vitamin D concentration in the blood is high and less when it’s low. Lina Zgaga also added that the doctors might get a measure of vitamin D status by conducting a test based on the hair sample.


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Zgaga also said that they will be investigating the use of hair products such as hair dye, or aspects that might affect vitamin D levels in hair, the important ones being hair color and thickness.

The researchers stated it this study could possibly lead to an assessment of vitamin D Levels of historical populations – Elizabethans, Vikings, Celts, Romans, ancient Chinese, Egyptians by applications such as hair along with teeth which is the longest lasting surviving biological materials after death.

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The findings of the above study were published in Nutrients Journal. However, to prove the exact connection of vitamin D concentration in the blood and in hair, further research has to be conducted.