JRF/SRF To Get Rs 1 Lakh For Patent - Rs 50000 For Publishing Paper
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JRF/SRF To Get Rs 1 Lakh For Patent – Rs 50000 For Publishing Paper

Yet another out of the box announcement has been made by the DST, just like corporate India. A committee has been constituted to look into recommendations given by Murmu Committee.

If Murmu Committee Recommendation are accepted then DST – Department of Science and Technology will grant around Rs 50,000/- to JRF / SRF upon publishing a research paper in an international journal. A one time grant of Rs 20,000/- to research scholars holding fellowship if they publish a research paper in any reputed national journal is also proposed. Moreover, if you are successful in obtaining a patent either nationally or internationally you will be entitled to a grant of Rs 1 Lakh.

This is a great initiative taken by the Govt – DST and to some extent, it does signify the seriousness of the Department of science and technology, that they are really interested in encouraging science & research in India. However it remains to be seen if Murmu Committee Recommendations will be accepted as a whole or not! Various other important points have also been listed out as a part of the memorandum which can

be seen below in the official notification released.

Feel free to post your comments below and let us know what you think about this new incentivization scheme for researchers. Remembers your comments are read by the most learned and empowered people in the ministry as well. So if you are commenting below, it’s going to give them more insights into your point of view, and then the respective people or policymakers will be able to take better decisions. So go ahead, go through the notification and do share your views.

No. SR/S9/Z–08/2018
Government of India
Ministry of Science & Technology Department of Science & Technology


Dated: 2nd February 2019

Subject: Constitution of Inter-Ministerial Empowered Committee on Doctoral Research

Excerpts of the Murmu Committee Recommendation
While considering revision of emoluments for research personnel engaged in R&D of Central Govt. the committee under the chairmanship of Shn GC Murmu, OSD, DoE has recommended the following focused incentives to enhance the quality of research student:

a) In case of publication in a reputed international Journal by a fellowship holder j.e. JRF /SRF), an amount of Rs. 50,000 (Rupees Fifty Thousand) as a one-time grant should be paid.

b) In case of publication in a reputed national Journal by a fellowship holder 0.e. JRF/SRF), an amount of Rs. 20,000 (Rupees Twenty Thousand) as a one-time grant should be paid.

c) Fellowship holders may be incentivized by an additional amount of Rs. 1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh), in case obtaining a patent in India or international Patent.

d) Fellowship holders (JRF/SRF) pursuing PH.D must at least have one publication before six months of final evaluation. If not, no further fellowship shall be paid.

e) Empowered committee on Doctoral research may fix criteria for publications in a national/international journal and other issues like screening criteria and issue of upgradation of the level of fellowship.

f) Ministry/ Department may consider fixing the number of fellowships considering their budgetary outlays.

g) After completion of two years, an external assessment may be made mandatory for upgradation from JRF to SRF. h) Annual Satisfactory Assessment may be made mandatory to continue the benefit of fellowship during SRF period.

i) The amount of Contingency, wherever applicable, may be made available to support the following:

  • To purchase chemicals/glassware/inputs to carry research work.
  •  To participate in seminars/conferences for presentation of research paper.
  • To attend training programmes in the areas related to the proposed research work.
  • Traveling expenditure during the data collection.

j) Teaching Assistantship/Research Assistantship may be made mandatory for research personnel, which will not only enhance teaching capability and Research management of research scholars but also address the vacant faculty positions in several Research Institutes and Universities.

k) Research fellowship holder residing in hostels shall not be entitled to House Rent Allowance HRA.

l) Selection for an award for fellowship shall ordinarily be through common competitive examination. However, for subjects where there is no examination, universities/institutions may start conducting an examination to screen candidates for the award of fellowships. This shall not be applied retrospectively, and the persons already enrolled shall be exempted.


  1. The Department has been the nodal agency for service related issues in connection with research fellows and is taking up the issue whenever required in consultation with other Science and Technology (S&T) agencies. The S&T sector demands a higher talent base for India to remain competitive not only in S&T but also in technology and innovation-led economic growth. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) have been emphasizing the importance of creating quality manpower in R&D for erfec1ively connecting science with the economy.

2. The recent OM No. SR/S9/2-08/2018 dated January 30, 2019, issued by the Department has emphasized introduction of incentives to enhance value, quality, and experience in doctoral research based on recommendations of a committee of Department of Expenditure under the chairmanship of Shri G.C Murmu, OSD. Excerpts of the recommendations are annexed. An Inter-Ministerial Empowered Committee has been set-up to evolve the modalities of implementation. The Commiucc is empowered to deal with all issues towards making Ph.D. programme more attractive as well as effective for young students to pursue their research at various academic institutions and research laboratories in the country.

3. The composition and terms of reference of the Empowered Committee are as follows:

A. Composition:

  • Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi – Co-Chair
  • Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Co-Chair Resources and Development, New Delhi – Co-Chair
  • Secretary, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research & Director Member General, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi – Member
  • Secretary, Department of Agricultural Research and Education & Director General, Indian
  • Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi – Member
  • Chairman, University Grants Commission, New Delhi – Member
  • AS & FA, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi – Member
  • Prof. Jagadish Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi – Member
  • Prof. V Ramgopal Rao, Director. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi – Member
  • Secretary, University Grants Commission, New Delhi – Member

B. Terms of Reference:

i. To examine the recommendations made by Murmu Committee and make appropriate modifications keeping in view especially their operational and implementation aspects.
ii. To formulate mechanisms for implementation of the recommendations.
iii. To recommend any other actions in order to enhance quality, experience, and value during the Ph.D. program including mechanisms for regular disbursement and periodic review of fellowship.
iv. The Committee may co-opt other members or have special invitees, as required, with the approval of-Chair/s.

4. The tenure of the Inter-Ministerial Empowered Committee on Doctoral Research will be three years from the date of issue of the Office Memorandum, or until fun her orders.

5. The members of the Committee will be eligible to TA/DA as admissible under rules in force from time to time in connection with the meetings and work.

6. This issues with the approval of Hon’ble Minister Science and Technology vide Dy. No. 6116 dated 01.02.19.

Official Notification


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  1. Great news! Is this incentives eligible only for DST JRF/SRF or for all research scholars funded by various agencies.

  2. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I think it is a great initiative by our Govt. But here I would like to add some of my views on that which is, of course this is a great initiative but the Govt. should also give the awards as appreciation to the graduate students that are also publishing papers in repute journals and doing many things in this field.

  3. So nice to hear about this kind of news, it will be a boost up for doing serious and public related research

  4. Hello,

    I am a DST-INSPIRE SRF. I had a query that whether the award for publication in an International/ National Journal would be given to the research scholar if:
    1. He/She is the first author in the research article originating from his Ph.D. Thesis.
    2. He/She is the first author as well as the corresponding author of the research article originating from his Ph.D. Thesis.
    3. He/She is the first author in the research article originating from his Ph.D. Thesis, but not the corresponding author.
    4. He/She is not the first author in the research article originating from his Ph.D. Thesis.

    Added, to this whether the award will also be granted for publications which are not related to the Ph.D. Thesis, but has been published during the Full time Ph.D. Programme.

    From when is the above Memorandum applicable.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Deblina Maiti

  5. Yes really it is good news for researcher and life science candidate and also phd scholar. It is good initiative by the govt of india to encourage the student to build career in R&D department. Best of luck

  6. What about contract teachers in college and universities…there is no rules and regulation for fixing salary.im working as contract teacher and doing all the works on par with regular assistant professor. Y UGC has not instruct to fix the salary of contract teacher on par with regular employ…

  7. The patent money is also given to the undergraduate and graduate students who are actively taking part in the research in the private universities? if that is the case many people will be in enthusiasm to do research from the undergraduate stage.

  8. If i dont have any fellowships. I have not qualified any national level exam. But i am PhD student and have published research paper. Am i eligible to get this awards?

  9. It is a good initiative by DST and will help the research scholars. I feel that a common test may be used to screen the eligibility rather than test conducted by individual university.

  10. This is a great initiative no doubt to motivate scholars. However, my question is if a candidate publishes her/his paper in reputed (SCI) international journal based on Ph.D. thesis after completion of Ph.D. (degree awarded), will she/he will get the same grant (50,000 INR)? I think answer to this question will help candidates who have already published or still publishing papers based on Ph.D. thesis after completion of Ph.D.

  11. It should be one time per year. For 4 to 5 year long duration one time grant is not justified.

  12. i disagree from the folks opinion that it is a great initiative. existing pattern is excellent in all the regards. we should try to improve and strengthen the same. this new proposal is going to waste time and brain of researchers and institutions. they should not run behind publication for money.

  13. It is a great idea to motivate and encourage research persionals. In abroad there is an incentives for both scholars and guide.

  14. Good initiative by dst, unreputed national, international journals spoiling the name of India should be fined and banned. People who works on social problems, publications which bring products to market, bring international money to India should be given more money. The evaluation committee should include scientists from govt and non governmental and also general public

  15. Anybody who is a school, college, UG,PG, PhD student or a common man involved in research, publishes, got a patent should be rewarded without considering his qualifications. Social useful publications, immediate use ones shall only be considered

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