CSIR-IICB Launches World's First Ayurvedic Cancer Drug - “Kudos CM 9”
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CSIR-IICB Launches World’s First Ayurvedic Cancer Drug – “Kudos CM 9”

Cancer is a deadly enemy of society on a global scale. The alarming rate at which it is spreading its claws is a matter of great concern. In India alone, cancer death toll clocks in approximately 2900 per day, with more than 10 Lakh of people dying per year. Indian scientists have taken a step ahead in the battle with Cancer. The Ministry of Science & Technology, CSIR-IICB has successfully launched “Kudos CM 9” -world’s first ayurvedic drug to combat cancer and is non-synthetic, chemical free.

As per statements by a senior scientist involved in this project – Prof. Chitra Mandal who belongs to the Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Disorder Division of CSIR-IICB, Kudos CM9 is a result of extensive research conducted by the team over past 30 years. It is the first ever ayurvedic drug made for cancer which has no side effects, she further added.

Kudos CM 9 is believed to be a highly effective drug for treating cancer in an early stage. It can help control further spread of cancer growth in patients diagnosed with cancer, who are undergoing chemotherapy & radiotherapy. Kudos CM 9 can be useful for treating both benign and malignant tumor.

As per Prof. Mandal, this drug combination was prepared after carrying several tests on cancerous cells in the liver, pancreas and other organs. One of the combinations testes worked well for all types of cancers. She further added that Kudos CM 9 acts as an immunomodulator. It targets only cancer cells and provides immune therapy.

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Director of CSIR-IICB & CSIR-NEIST – Prof. Samit Chattopadhyay said that they have transferred the technology to Kudos Laboratories India – Kudos Ayurveda. They will be responsible for the manufacturing & marketing of this unique drug both in India & Globally for the benefit of people on a global scale.

Kudos CM9 is world’s first ayurvedic drug that works on the concept of programmed cell death. It shields the healthy cells and fights against the malignant cells, thus boosting the immunity of patients suffering from cancer. Kudos CM 9 mechanism of action is to block certain cancer-promoting enzymes & hormones. It also posses antimutagenic, chemoprotective and radioprotective properties.

As per Dr. Priyanka CEO, Kudos Ayurveda said; “Kudos CM9 helps to prevent, fight and cure cancer at every stage, i.e. genesis, growth and spread of cancer. Kudos CM9 is equally effective in those patients who have become resistant to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. Kudos CM9 is also highly useful for those patients, who are not fit for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy due to old age marked weakness or any other factor”.

Kudos CM9 is available in the market in the form of tablets. More details on the efficacy of the drug will be known in the near future.

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