Night Shifts Can Seriously Affect Your DNA - A Study Suggests
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Night Shifts Can Seriously Affect Your DNA – A Study Suggests

Lakhs of people in India earn their living by working in night shifts especially people working IT industry – BPO & KPO sector. But its time people must give a second thought to it. As per a study published in the journal Anaesthesia, Working in Night shifts can alter your DNA and will make you prone to a lot of serious health conditions including Cancer, Neurodegenerative & cardiovascular diseases to name a few.

Blood samples were collected from 49 healthy full-time doctors at different time zones of the day by a group of researchers from the University of Hong Kong for the study. Upon analysis, the researchers found that blood samples from on-call doctors who worked overnight showed lower DNA repair & gene expression and more DNA breaks in comparison to the other doctors who worked in general shifts.

Siu-Wai Choi from the University of Hong Kong in a statement said the results of their study clearly indicated that even a single night of sleep deprivation can open up the floodgates of diseases. One can develop symptoms of chronic diseases at a very very early stage. He further added that although their work is preliminary, yet

they are very confident about the results.

Various research has been conducted in this regards to measure the effect of night shifts on an individuals health. A research study published in NCBI in 2018 states that “Shift work is associated with sleep disruption, impaired quality of life, and is a risk factor for several health conditions.” Now the questions that remain unanswered is – should night shifts be discarded completely or stronger rules should be laid down in regards to it. Do share your views below in the comment section.

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  1. Stronger rules must be laid down in respect of companies working with night shift with some flexibility such as napping in case of idle condition or no work on the desk itself etc.

  2. It’s very true that night shifts may affect the normal biological clock of the human. But most of the corporate work depends on night work only. What we can do is, person should be given 2 cycle per year of rotation where he/she will work for 6 months during day shift and 6 month in night shifts which may reduce the risk of diseases.

  3. Ya its true but its not 100% working, it it is happens 100% like above the reports ,then there is no chance to live healthy peoples who are working at night , and also majority peoples in India working at night only because situations like that .. And the sad thing is if we are tell this to them also they are not ready to accept this ..lets start to study complete report with examples then we are able to do this and then only we’ll get some answer …

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