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Movie Uri Attack: 5 Things Indian Govt should learn from the movie

5 Things our Govt should learn from the Movie Uri Attack: Watch it on youtube

I am sure you all have watched the Movie Uri Attack. It’s a marvelous movie. Isn’t it?

Many are saying this was one of the most daring acts of Independent Indian Army ever. While I am not here today to judge about it. Instead, we thought to underline some pointers which are evident from this Movie Uri Attack and this incident which can be helpful to improve Science & scientific research in our country.

  • Without Researchers & Scientists, you cannot defeat an enemy. Only Army is not sufficed. We can save the lives of a lot of army men if we use technology to help them
  • Your Most unexpected talent lies in the research assistants & Interns: You must reward them with good fellowship so that they feel encouraged & rewarded
  • If an enemy nation can develop nuclear weapons, Its terrorists can definitely develop biological & chemical warfare weapons in the future. So DRDO & ISRO must be encouraged & well funded to do research in this direction as shown in movie Movie Uri Attack
  • Each time when you import technology from abroad, your enemy is well acquainted with your firepower. So encourage your scientists to develop indigenous tech to have better secrecy and at a cheaper price.
  • Movie Uri Attack underlined Indian Scientific organizations should be given targets just the way our Army gets and Indian Scientific Organizations should be headed by accountable CEO’s just like our army has disciplined commanders who are willing to put their life at stake for the safety of our nation

What do you think about this Movie Uri Attack, Do you think I missed some points, comment below in the comments section. Make your voice heard

Remember Biotecnika is read, watched & circulated among the top brass of government as well. So if we all voice our opinion under the aegis of this channel, Our voice will definitely be heard.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat

Anuj Khurana

dedicating this video of Movie Uri Attack to the nation & it’s the scientific community

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