He Jiankui Who Claimed to Have Created CRISPR Babies FIRED
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He Jiankui Who Claimed to Have Created CRISPR Babies FIRED

A Chinese Scientists, He Jiankui was lately under immense controversial limelight because of what he claimed he made world’s first CRISPR edited genetically modified babies. As per recent reports by State Media, he has been fired the Southern University of Science and Technology located in Shenzhen, China where he worked.

Earlier in November 2018, HE claimed to have modified embryonic genes of a twin baby girl – “Lulu” “Nana” born that month using CRISPR-Cas9. His announcement resulted in a wave of outcry worldwide leaving the scientists community once again question the ethical integrity & safety of this gene-editing technique. The Chinese authorities condemned He and was temporarily suspended from all research activities.

Soon after the incident, a probe was ordered by the Concerned Chinese health and ethics authorities. As per official reports released by an investigating team pulled together by the Health Commission of China, He Jiankui performed the prohibited CRISPR experiments without any supervision just to seek personal fame & fortune. He himself raised funds to carry out the experiments along with a group of people he personally recruited.

As per Xinhua – the official state news agency of Guangdong Province, the head of the investigation team said that He and his colleagues along with related organizations “will be dealt with seriously according to the law” while “the suspected crimes will be handed over to the public security organs.”

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The twin girls born and another lady who is pregnant currently will be overseen by Guangdong Province and will be kept under constant medical observation.

Statements released by Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) on their official website stated that Jiankui had been fired effective immediately. “SUSTech will rescind the work contract with Dr. He Jiankui and terminate any of his teaching and research activities at SUSTech,”. The statement was released in response to the reports from the Guangdong Province investigation task force.

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