Genetically Modified Chickens That Lay Anti-Cancer Loaded Eggs
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Genetically Modified Chickens That Lay Anti-Cancer Loaded Eggs

In the future, doctors might prescribe these “Special Eggs” to patients suffering from Cancer & arthritis. Researchers at Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh have genetically modified chicken to lay eggs loaded with drugs for treating some types of cancers & arthritis. It can prove to be a highly cost-effective method of producing cancer drugs, maybe 100 times cheaper.

As per the study published in BMC Biotechnology Journal, the researchers added the chicken with a gene coding for a human protein called IFNalpha2a that possess powerful antiviral and anti-cancer effects and other protein macrophage-CSF involved with tissue repair – White blood cell production. As a result, the egg laid by the genetically modified chicken has the above components and the best part is the chicken remained healthy with no display of any adverse effect.

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The research is in its very early stage, yet the scientists are confident that it would set a stage for improved drug production on a large scale with limited cost, as Chickens can lay up to 300 eggs per year and maintaining the sheds are also easier and cost-effective.

Currently, Eggs are already used as a source to cultivate viruses for use in vaccines. Animals such as goats have also been genetically modified earlier to enhance protein containing milk production.

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Professor Helen Sang said that the team is not ready yet for producing drugs for humans but via this research study on chickens they are here with a commercially viable option for producing proteins apt for drug discovery studies.

The fact is, it might take more than decades to get the drugs out to people post regulatory approvals.

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