Genetic Biomarkers For Biological Aging Discovered
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Genetic Biomarkers For Biological Aging Discovered

The aging process in humans has deteriorated over a period. Most people today appear substantially older or younger than their chronological age. Scientists at the Salt lake have identified Genetic signatures while analyzing skin cells from a diverse group of people of different age, that may help clarify this difference.

The results from the study were then applied to discover genetic signs of accelerated aging in people with progeria, a disease which causes patients to appear way older than they should be.

Saket Navlakha, a senior author of the study said that with the machine learning procedure possibilities of discovering when people are aging faster than their chronological age will be higher. This newer approach will help diagnose individuals who are at risk for long-term conditions.

The team analyzed skin cells called fibroblasts extracted from approx 133 people and in an age group between 1 to 94. The RNA molecule in the cells was examined with a known fact that DNA transcribes in RNA and genes that are inactive do not form RNA. Further on examining the data via a machine learning algorithm, patterns of gene activity were extracted that lined up with increasing age. Using these specific age biomarkers, the team was

able to predict an individual’s age with a median error of four years.

To ensure that the molecular signature obtained was real, the team processed the same machine learning algorithm into genomes of 10 people with progeria, from ages 2 to 8. Result – their age was predicted to be 10 years older than their chronological age.

To proceed further, Researchers next plan to identify the age-related genetic activity of different cells. They also want to analyze the working mechanism of the machine learning algorithm to ascertain the way the age-related changes line up with biological processes. T

This discovery of Aging Biomarkers will be a boon for advanced identification & assessment of an individuals health & diseases – risk factors associated in long term.

The research study was funded by the National Institutes of Health; the Keck Foundation; the NOMIS Foundation; and the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Source: genome biology

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