University International PhD Research Studentships 2019
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University International PhD Research Studentships 2019

International PhD studentships at University of Reading. University International PhD Research Studentships 2019 at University of Reading. Interested and eligible candidates can check out all of the details on the eligibility, how to apply, deadline and important links below:

This call expires in :

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The University is very happy to announce a range of international PhD studentships available for October 2019 start. These are available for exceptionally qualified applicants for research in science, life sciences, social science and arts and humanities.

What’s available?

A combination of fee and full only awards will be available. Full studentships provide:

  • A subsistence grant (stipend) to match the 2019/20 UK Research Council rate (the 2018/19 rate is £14,777)
  • tuition fees at the International rate
  • a £1,000 p.a. training and development allowance

Fees-only studentships, every 1 offering:

  • Tuition fees at the International rate
  • a £1,000 p.a. training and development allowance

All awards are for up to three years in duration. A maximum of seven studentships will be available in total.


Funding is only open to international (non-EU) candidates. Candidates will have to meet with the language requirements specified by their department upon entry.


of the nature of this studentship where support and training will be directly available through the university, we only invite applications for students wishing to study in one of the University of Reading campuses. Unfortunately, we can’t support other modes of study, such as by distance.

How to Apply:

  1. Make contact with your department. As a first step, you must check with the Director of Postgraduate Research Studies in your School or Department that your proposed research could be supervised by the Department. Directors will also have the ability to match you with a potential supervisor.
  2. Apply for a place of admission. Then you’ll need to submit an application for admission to a PhD programme in your chosen subject via our online admissions portal. If you aren’t sure which programme you need to apply to, consult with your Director of Postgraduate Research Studies. The admissions application must be for admission in October 2019. In case you have an existing application for a different start date you’ll be able to request the start date be changed by emailing [email protected]. In the ‘Scholarships applied for’ box which appears within the Funding Section of your online application, quote’International Research Studentship Competition’ in order for your application to be considered in this competition. In case you’ve already applied and didn’t quote the competition, you ought to email your name and application number to your School Director of Postgraduate Research Studies to ensure they are aware of your wish to be considered for this funding. The admissions application will usually require a research proposal be uploaded; requirements vary by School.
  3. Prepare a 700 word research proposal. The international studentship competition needs a research proposal with a maximum length of 700 words, excluding references and title. (In case you uploaded a lengthier research proposal for your admissions application, this can be shortened for the funding competition.) The proposal can be emailed to your School Director of Postgraduate Research Studies and prospective supervisor. The research proposal is a significant element of this financing decision; it is advisable to seek advice from the Graduate School’s guidance on writing a research proposal along with your proposed supervisor. The research proposal should be your work but your supervisor may guide and advise you on improving and developing the proposal.


Successful applicants will be notified via a formal studentship award letter in May 2019. Please be aware that this is provided separately from any offer of admission and will be subject to standard evaluations for eligibility and other standards.

We regret that, because of the very large volume of applications, we cannot undertake to contact all unsuccessful candidates; in case you haven’t received a formal studentship financing offer by 17th May 2019 this will indicate that you have yet to be successful in this competition.

Further Enquiries: Trica Burgess [email protected]

Deadline: The deadline for applications is Thursday 31st January 2019.

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