Researchers Take the Country By Storm – Demand For Hike

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Researchers Take the Country By Storm – Demands For Hike

21st Dec 2018, it’s a dark day in the history of India. All our researchers are on the roads today protesting – demanding for a hike in fellowship, which is due since long. Some are on a silent march, some are at the doors of DST on a hunger strike. Several petitions and protests have been done in the past few days wherein the research community has requested the Govt of India to look into their plight. But No, the Govt did not give an ear. Losing all hope & faith the researchers of India are on the roads now in several cities demanding for justice. We have tried to compile all the data we have, related to this huge protest in one place, just to show you the real picture of the situation of researchers in India. Have a look at the plight of our fellow researchers below. Is the demand for hike in fellowship justified? Will the demands be met? Will the Govt respond to this mass protest? These are few questions unanswered questions, only time can tell us.

A Researcher Speaks For His Rights @ NIT Mizoram


 Protests @ NIT Hamirpur

Silent Protest @ IIT Roorkee

Researchers Protesting at IIT Dhanbad


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Silent protest at DST


Scenario @ IIT Madras


Silent March @ IIT Patna







Researcher From Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar Protests


IIT BHU Scientists Protests


Researchers Gather at IIT Mandi


MANIT Bhopal Researchers March for their rights


Silent protest @ Presidency University, Kolkata


Research scholars of IIT Bombay Protest


University of Hyderabad


Protests at Punjab University, Chandigarh


-5 degree could not dampen the enthusiasm of Researchers @ NIT Srinagar to fight for their rights


NIT Warangal


National Institute of Technology Karnataka Research students protesting for Stipend Hike


Demands by Researchers @ IIT Kharagpur


Central University of Kerala protest for Hike in fellowship.

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