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Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund 2018-2019

The official notification for the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Interested and eligible candidates can check out all of the details such as eligibility, how to apply, guidelines and more below:

This call expires in :

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Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science & Technology
Government of India

Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund

(11th Round)

Applications are invited for joint research projects to be implemented by Indian scientists in collaboration with the Australian counterparts. The priority areas of research for Round Eleven of the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund are:

1. Plant genomics
2. Neurodegenerative diseases, including palliative care

About the Program:

The Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund (IABF) is a platform for bilateral collaboration in
science jointly managed and funded by the governments of India and Australia.

Since its establishment in 2006, the IABF has supported collaborative, leading-edge research between scientists in Australia and India across a range of agreed priority areas. It has also helped to build linkages between premier research and educational institutions in both countries.

The objectives of the IABF are to:

  • Increase the uptake of leading edge science and technology (S&T) by supporting:
    collaboration between Indian and Australian researchers in strategically focused,
    leading edge, scientific research and technology projects; and strengthening strategic
    alliances between Indian and Australian researchers.
  • Facilitate India and Australia’s access to the global S&T system.

The Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund is managed jointly by the Department of
Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India and Department of Industry, Innovation and
Science (DIIS), Australian Government.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible to apply for funding under the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund, the
Indian applicant must:

  • Submit an IABF application in one of the priority areas of research
  • Be one of the following ‘eligible organisations’ (or a consortium of eligible
    Indian Education institution;
    Indian Cooperative Research Centre / University;
    Indian Public research company; *
    Indian Private research company; *
    Indian State/Territory-funded research organisation;
    Indian not for profit research organisation; or
    Other Indian incorporated entity; *
  • Be from an organisation that is registered under DSIR, is incorporated or if a university,
    is exempt from income tax; and
  • Have at least one Australian partner and confirmation from the implementing Australian
    agency that a corresponding application from that Australian partner has been received
    (this confirmation will be obtained by the Indian Government).
  • Joint applications involving more than one Indian partner are acceptable, provided the
    lead applicant is the main driver of the project and eligible to apply.
  • IABF projects should ‘link Indian and Australian research institutions, as well as other
    end-user partners, collaborating on a single substantial project or conducting a range of
    research-related activities in a specified field. These Projects may be used as a catalyst to bring together leading institutions in India in a particular research field with Australian
    partners to help build research capacity and maximise the application, commercialisation
    and sustainability of research outcomes in support of economic growth and development
    in India. While not mandatory, involvement by other end-user partners is strongly
    encouraged and funding will be aimed at Projects that can demonstrate a clear path to
    end use in support of economic growth and development in India and Australia.
  • Details of mutual consent in the form of written agreements to take care of equal distribution of the knowhow generated among the Indian and Australian Partners should be provided alongwith the application.

* As per DBT’s norms of International industry R&D funding

Applicants must satisfy eligibility criteria to be considered for funding.

How to Apply:

Applicants for funding should submit completed application form only in the format
provided. Five (5) hard copies and a soft copy in a CD and one soft copy through single email) with all relevant, clearly labelled attachments to the following address:

Dr. Suraksha S. Diwan, Scientist ‘E’
Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science & Technology
Block No: 3, 5th Floor, Room No. 517
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003 INDIA
E-mail address: [email protected];

Applicant’s Details:

Organisation name and type: the eligible organisation (see Eligibility Criteria) being an
Indian legal entity, which if successful, will enter into a contractual funding agreement with
the Indian Government. Project Coordinator: the researcher who will manage the project.
Contact Officer: the officer nominated to receive all correspondence in relation to the
application, including the round outcomes. If the applicant is from a University, the Contact
Officer must, where possible, be from the University’s Research Office.

Time Lines:

The call for applications under Round Eleven of the IABF will be open for Six weeks. The
round will open at 10.00 am (IST) on 14th December, 2018, and close at 5.30 pm (IST) on 23rd January, 2019.

The table below summarises the steps and indicative timing for the selection process for
Round Eleven:


Feedback on the IABF is welcomed and can be sent to [email protected]

Important Links:

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