Glaucoma Eye Pressure Sensors Implanted In First Human Clinical Trial
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Glaucoma Eye Pressure Sensors Implanted In First Human Clinical Trial

Implandata Ophthalmic Products has successfully implanted a new version of its detector for measuring intraocular pressure in its first patient in a first-in-human clinical trial.

The device is a thin, flexible, augmentation and can help glaucoma patients to collect pressure readings at home, It also allows ophthalmologists to track and adapt treatment regimens.

The Eyemate-IO, A previous version, obtained a CE mark for use in glaucoma patients. The suprachoroidally placed Eyemate-SC implant is made for patients not indicated for operation and is powered by a handheld reader when taking a measurement, positioned over the eye.

The successful addition of the first ARGOS-SC01 study patient is a pivotal milestone for Implandata towards broadening using our Eyemate system, eventually allowing also standalone implantation of our proprietary eye pressure sensing apparatus, Implandata CEO Max Ostermeier said in an announcement. The study is expected to be completed by 2020.

Current pressure readings require a procedure carried out only at labs and are obtained only a few times in a year, whereas eye pressure can change drastically throughout affected by many factors.

Principal investigator, Professor Peter Szurman who performed the implantation of the EYEMATE device

said that the new Implandata sensor is small in size, easy to handle and implant while performing the surgery. He further added that most of the glaucoma patients undergoing surgery are likely to be eligible for implanting such a sensor. For the first time ever this product will enable glaucoma patients to monitor their own eye pressure at any point in time, which is a major breakthrough.

The business expects the device will enhance adherence in addition to reducing the number of clinic visits a glaucoma patient has to do. In addition, it might be used to gather data on the progression of glaucoma and help in the development of interventions.

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