Freshers Britannia Food Tech Production Officer Vacancy

Freshers Britannia Food Tech Production Officer Vacancy Available

If you are a graduate from a background with Food Technology as a qualification, then make sure you apply online for an Officer in Production. Production Officer post for food technology candidates is available at Britannia. Interested candidates can apply according to the details that have been posted below:

Title: Production Officer

Expertise: 0-3 years of experience

Location: Rudrapur, IN

Educational Qualification: Engineer Grad / Food Technologist/ Msc Food Science / Msc. Chemistry

Desired Competencies: Knowledge on Biscuit Manufacturing procedure, basic computer knowledge, Man Management skill.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To deploy right manpower at the appropriate place to get the utmost output and efficiency and their enrollment in the payroll for incentives.
  • Verification of all of the typical process of controlling wt/guage, size, colour and look of the product
  • Setting the process parameters according to variety, arrange the materials and preparatory items
  • To collect and record different data necessary for TQM. Prepare control chart and control the procedure.
  • To acquire the maximum output by controlling change over time,mfg defectives and production downtime under the budgeted level
  • Continuous tracking of all of the raw material variances.
  • Physical affirmation of CCPS such as SIEVE, METAL DETECTOR and WEBS upkeeping the documents according to the requirement by ISO, HAACP AND FCC format.
  • Recipe check according to STD parameters of variety and preparatory items.
  • Proper setting of variables like AMMONIA, S.M.B.S and WATER and also OVEN PROFILE to get the desired product meeting all quality STDS.
  • By using materials according to MFG DATE and LOT NO.
  • Keeping up the biscuit grinder area by making dust accessible and its own traceability record updation.
  • To do more focus on ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS, take CORRECTIVE, PREVENTIVE ACTION according to F.B.C.
  • To decrease all of the wastages produce by different mechanical breakdown.
  • To check all of the areas are hygienically good.

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