Chromatography Column & Filters For Research Use Buy Online

Chromatography Column & Filters For Research Use Buy Online

Chromatography columns are utilized for the process of filtering and separating individual components from a liquid sample. It is a glass tube filled with a stationary phase – a solid compound through which the liquid sample – mobile phase is passed through. Based on factors like polarity, molecule size different elements passed through the column at a different rate, hence facilitating the collection of each sample separately in small volumes which is filtered further to get the desired result.

Types of Chromatography Columns available:

  • Gas Chromatographic Columns
  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Columns
  • Ion exchange chromatography Columns
  • Size exclusion chromatography Columns
  • Chiral Chromatography Columns

While purchasing a Chromatography Column you need to know the size of the column as per requirement, the temperature in which it can be used and also the stationary phase substance.

Leading manufactures for Chromatography Column are listed below :

  1.  Waters – They deal with high-quality UPLC Columns, UHPLC Columns, HPLC & SFC Columns, Bioseparations Columns & Consumables, ACQUITY APC Columns and much more.
  2. GE Healthcare Life Science – They specialized in both empty columns & Processed Columns which can be purchased as per requirements.
  3. Thermo Fisher Scientific – Leading manufacturers of  a wide range of chromatography columns ranging from Affinity Columns, Bio IC & LC Columns, GC Columns, Guard Columns, Hydrophobic Interaction Columns, IC Columns & Media for Industrial Samples, Ion Exchange Columns, LC Normal Phase Columns, LC Reversed-Phase Columns,
    Other LC Columns.

    Chromatography Column & Filters For Research Use Buy Online
    Process-Scale Chromatography Columns – Biorad
  4. Merck – Specialises in customized chromatography columns especially HPLC columns.
  5. Biorad – They offer Foresight filter plates and columns that are prepacked with a range of Bio-Rad process chromatography resins, offering convenience and reliability for their experimentation needs.

Various types of Chromatography Filters including Spin filter columns, In-Line Filters, High-Pressure Frit-Type In-Line Filter etc. Leading manufacturers for the same are – Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Restek, Biorad.

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