Biotecnika’s First Ever International Conference
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Biotecnika’s First Ever International Conference Successfully Concluded

Biotecnika Info Lab Pvt. Ltd., India’s No. 1 Bioscience Institute, hosted its first ever Virtual International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Biotech and Health care on 1st and 2nd Dec 2018. The two-day conference saw an impressive participation of more than 7194 science aspirants with valuable and insightful deliberations from eminent scientists and entrepreneurs across the globe. Knowledge partners and event supporters were IBAB, Nirma University, Radboud University, Reva University, Premas life sciences to name a few.

The conference opened at 10 AM on Saturday, 1st Dec 2018, with inspiring words from Biotecnika’s honorable CEO and MD, Mr. Shekhar Suman. The next session saw the insightful presentations of two honorable speakers, Dr.Anand Rao, with 30 year of experience in Innovation lead at PWC, who has worked with AI in different genres-Healthcare, financial services, and automotive sectors and Mr.Shantanu Dev, a Senior Data Scientist at PWC with background interest in machine learning and natural language processing. The attendees were also a part of a great interactive session with an esteemed panel of poster presenters who exhibited their excellence of work in their respective fields. There were 8 poster presenters on Day 1. Dr. Mekala. M gave her presentation on ‘Comparison of human brain and octopus brain for Multiprocessing FrameWork’’, a very unique topic, Dr.Sagarika Deepthy T spoke on Impact of sensors and Artificial Intelligence in the disease detection and treatment, Dr.Kamlesh Kumari Bajwa spoke on another interesting topic-’Therapeutic potential of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of tibia fracture in mice’’.

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Dr.Anirban Sinha, associated with Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam and also University of Children’s Hospital, Switzerland, concluded the final session for the first half. He stressed on the aspects of artificial intelligence in delineating complex diseases, specifically in combating the dreadful COPD, various lung disorders and Asthma. Mohit Kumar Jaiswal addressed “Artificial Intelligence : Taking Biotech and Healthcare sector by Storm”, Manabesh Nath spoke on ‘’In silico data mining of single-cell genomics in cancer’’, Dr. Shamimul Hasan a dentist by profession, gave a talk on ‘Applications of artificial intelligence in dentistry: an update’’ and also Mr.Rishi pal shared his piece of work on ‘’In vitro-in vivo study of Acacia senega extracts’’.

The eventful day was concluded with Ms.Evelyn Immanuel, part of an AI start-up company AINDRA. She shared the modus operandi of her company which operates in artificial intelligence mitigating cervical cancer. She notified that over 330000 women are victims of this dreadful disease and how AINDRA has taken an initiative to utilize AI through some devices like ASTRA and VISIONX in a cost-effective way that can detect cervical cancer in a minimal time span.

The second day of the conference was opened with thoughtful and knowledge bound words from Dr. Neha Suman, MD, Biotecnika Info Labs Pvt. Ltd. Mr.Sumanth Sachidananda, Head of strategic engagement, Avamo, responsible for building AI solutions, discussed the positive and disruptive aspects of AI in Healthcare. Paper and poster session for the day begun with Dr. Kamesh speaking on “Developing the hard to detect contaminant analysis using microfluidic paper-based analytical devices approach (μPAD) in real-time sample monitoring situations”. Dr. Shazina Saeed described how “Artificial Intelligence Enabled Visualization of Cardiovascular Anomalies”. Dr. Ashish Wadhwani shared his contributions in “Efficacy of phytosterols isolated from Sida cordifolia L. extracts against Herpes Simplex Virus Type I Infection in vitro and in vivo” Dr. Pallavi Somvanshi, Assistant Professor at Teri University, deliberated on the different requisites of an AI model and also the benefits of Machine Learning in Disease detection and diagnosis. Professor Madya Fadzilah Bt Siraj, joined in from Malaysia and helped the attendees understand about Neural network and its impact on medical diagnosis. Mr. Puneet Jindal, Chief Data Scientist at Eduwaive Foundations joined in with his expertise in Cloud computing. He divulged the various ways in which it has supported the Healthcare system. Dr. Prabakaran, an Associate Scientist in ITC Ltd, shared the opportunities available in this field along with the expertise required for each. His talk helped the attendees get the current market trend of Artificial Intelligence in Biotech and Healthcare.

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The last set of posters presented for the day were from Ms. Kavitha – “A novel pyridyl ester isolated from Leucas cephalotes”, Ms. Maheshwari on “The integration of CRISPR Cas technology and Artificial Intelligence” and Mr. Muralidharan with “Studies on the prevalence of ectoparasites in domestic cats in Chennai, Tamil Nadu”.

The two-day International conference wrapped up with awards being given to honor the efforts of all the participants. The best Paper/Poster presenter was awarded to Dr. Shazina Saeed with a cash prize of Rs. 15,000/-. The second and third award went to Dr. Mekela M and Ms. Kamlesh with cash prizes of Rs.10,000/- and Rs.5,000/- respectively. The Best speaker award was shared by Ms. Evelyn Immanuel from AINDRA systems and Mr. Sumanth Sachidanand from Avaamo technologies with the latter being honored as the most informed speaker with an interactive session. Ms. Akriti, Ms. Debasmita, and Ms. Pooja were recognized as the most active attendees during the conference.

The conference that aimed to benefit the young minds concluded with a huge success and based on the enthusiasm observed among the attendees Biotecnika promised to Host the 2nd Virtual International Conference on CRISPR in May 2019. The news was greeted with delight and a positive hope for tomorrow.

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